Bitcoin documentary 2018

bitcoin documentary 2018

Last week Netflix put out The Tinder Swindler, a documentary about a NASCAR season and the and Boeing Max crashes. When Gerard Cotten died in , he hurt investors who held money in his crypto exchange. A new Netflix documentary explores. Press · How Cryptocurrency Works: Best Books, Podcasts, Films and More, Digital Information World, 17 November · More Bitcoin Documentaries for Crypto Fans . 99BITCOINS REVIEW ONLINE

Cotten now stands accused of perpetrating an ultra-modern Ponzi scheme, powered by technology and 21 st century cunning. And some investors are suspicious that he may have faked his own death. Few knew, however, that the two partners had already cut their teeth on identity frauds, money laundering, pyramid schemes and other questionable get-rich-quick gambits.

Cotten grew up in Belleville, Ontario, nicknamed the Friendly City. In the early s, he met Patryn, who was six years older and has a mysterious past. According to Vanity Fair , Patryn was arrested in Southern California, where he lived with his family, and pleaded guilty to conspiring to transfer stolen identity documents.

He was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison before being deported to Canada in By then, he and Cotten had already communicated with one another on a message board called TalkGold. It focused on high-yield investments, which promised impossibly fast and high returns.

The site is said to have attracted a strange brew of people who ranged from gullible suckers to sharp hustlers hoping to rope them in. At 15 years old, Cotten put his first pyramid scheme into motion. By the time Cotten and Patryn launched their company, Quadriga — promoting it as a cheap and easy way for people to buy, sell and trade crypto at a time when it was an ordeal for the uninitiated — in , they were already well versed in the dark arts.

Talk to them about the future of money, throw in a few buzz words and they believe any garbage. Patryn would soon split after an alleged spat about whether or not to go public. Investors could not get in their money quickly enough. And Cotten made it easy. Rather than leaving customers to maintain their own digital wallets with character codes — known as private keys — that were impossible to remember and disastrous if lost, Quadriga often held onto the crypto for them.

That would later be a problem. She added that cashing out was often problematic for clients. Banks did not want to deal with crypto companies. But all of that happened during the good times, when crypto was enjoying its upward surge. One year later, in , the party had temporarily fizzled out. Gerry did everything [for the company] from his laptop. The couple jetted, often via private planes, to places like Paris, Hawaii and Morocco.

In December , Cotten and Jennifer traveled to India for what was said to be a honeymoon. Before leaving, according to Vanity Fair, he bragged about money going further in India than it does in Canada. On Dec. But blood work showed Cotten had developed septic shock. The year-old mysteriously breathed his last in Jaipur, his death in India unleashing a major controversy.

The announcement was made on Twitter where Netflix posted details about a series of upcoming projects on its platform. Premieres in pic. From what is known about the case so far, Cotten's death in December, has been linked to Crohn's disease — which is a type of inflammatory bowel disease IBD , according to a report by BNJ Crypto News.

Later, investors in Cotten's Bitcoin exchange platform QuadrigaCX met with the unfortunate news that they had lost their money because only Cotten had access to the exchange's cold storage wallet. Lawyers representing the people who lost their money have asked for permission to exhume Cotten's remains to examine his identity as well as detailed cause of demise.

I am so watching this! This would be interesting to watch. This should be a good one. Of course he "accidentally" died in India shortly after. Cryptocurrency Prices across Indian exchanges.

Bitcoin documentary 2018 bitcard bitcoin bitcoin documentary 2018

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