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Let's just say, 'firmware rollbacks' are not my strong suit. I had a lucrative gig that demanded video from a Red I recently got a mavic pro and was not to happy ab the geofence. I got this software at a very reasonable price and not only could I break the ge I recommend it. Now I am free with my drone. You have to be responsible.

I had a problem and the technical support helped me very My backyard is in an NFZ. That's annoying. This fixed it for me. The rest is irrelevant. Finally Jobs can be done in NFZ with legal authorization. And for sceni I just bought another M2P with a software on it. I will sell mine now. I can fly whereever I want NFZ removal is a miracle. I accept a work t Finally i can fly outside the house, without having to drive 30min first NFZ.

Fully unlocked and control every aspect of my Mavic Pro now. Over 3 times as fast in sport mode now. The newer you tube video on this app, makes Applying NLD was incredibly fast and easy. Once connected to your USB port, the software proposes all available mod options.

Just click the one Good day Sorry, I could not use this service for my Mavic Pro 2 drone. Since I had firmware in the drone This is my third nld licence. Before Mavic pro and 2 pro. Just bought a Inspire 2 CE but not happy about signal performance. I could cover onl Everythings working great on my P4Pro. No altitude limit, top speed was growed, app working smoothly.

Iam very happy. Good Product and Mods very Happy with all activation's in program. Good work. Ottimo aggiornamento, semplice e veloce eseguiti test di volo con risultati eccezionali, sicurezza di volo come non mai avete avuto. I've been a prisoner to DJI's excessive programming controls. I get permission to fly somewhere, but my controller denies me the ability to take Nincs NFZ!

As far as what I paid money for its been great, does everything it's supposed to as advertised. Now the getting there part navigating the websi Thank you good work and Happy New Year. All I really cared about was being able to fly in a "No Fly Zone". I live ne Very simple install now I can finally fly my drone at my own house. It took me several weeks of reading and study to get up the Guys, thank you for being there. Quick and easy! I got the dr My mavic pro is now fully enabled and the drone experience is awesome.

Loading the changes into the bird was more easy than expected. No firmware upgrade or downgrade. Use this on my Mavic Pro, does everything its says. Was thinking of buying another brand of drone other than Dji to fly into some areas always s Managed to work with the package with a bit of anxious sweating complete noob , seems to have done what I wanted, must still test in the wild.

After a few attempts it connects and was fairly easy to use, I It was easy enough to get rid of the nfz and altitude limits, but the NLD Go section seemed a little dated and not very intuitive as far as the i I can't believe how easy it was to downgrade my Mavic Pro! I can now go past the NFZ limits and stop it automatically at ft the legal heig Right out the gate this mod worked as advertised, flawlessly and perfectly for my P4 Advanced. I'm the type of hobbyist that didn't update my P I own a Mavic Pro, I tried to fly higher but the software limited the height and wouldn't let me fly when I was near a small airport with one fli I could not believe that it works so well.

Everything to gain and nothing to use. It is excellent that the app still warns you of NFZs so you My Mavic Pro just got faster than stock Mavic 2 at 82 kph. Amazing app this is. Having removed the flight restrictions on my Mavic using NLD, I had the opportunity to test the result this morning and to my relief I was able t Seriously I was so surprised that whole process from buying to unlocking my drones potentiality was under 2 minutes.

Thank you. Loved it. I didn't think I could ever fly my drone ever again. At first, when you print out all the paperwork it seems ve The product is great. Only two things is bad. First, so many time I wait to unlock altitude on mavic 2 and nothing. Second, sometime I crash my I'm happy with the results of the mods! My drone definitely flies faster, and it's so nice not to have the "zone" restrictions anymore. The only Thanks for the mod it worked first time and the support is excellent because I haven't even bought the activation key and I had my questions answ My P4 was done been in storage for 3 years.

IMU calibration didn't work. Always said bad battery. Would never connect. It was just about to go in Hopefully one day I get a chance to write a wonderful review about this product. However I purchased a Phantom 4 pro version 2. Couldn't have been easier.

I wanted your services and even when the mod didnt work and it was my fault that didnt work your support was there to guide me and explain me eve Activation was easy but I'll have to wait until the Mavic 2 options can be used. Have a Mavic pro. Had no issues using nld client. No height limit Thanks guys. I hope that you have break the rest. I was flying my mavic pro today on the field and every one was asking how i did it The place is near from an airport ,but that field was our pl NLD allowed me to downgrade my firmware on my M2P.

No more NFZ and now patiently waiting for the holy grail altitude removal. Great customer Although starting out with a drone from DJI, and after some fumbling discovering the software, I quickly benefited from the incredible freedom th I am really satisfied with the product that i got and it really worked well for me.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants to break free fr The process was so easy I cant believe it, the step by step guide and the program for tuning your drone is very straight forward! My drone flew i This software made it beyond easy for me to unlock the things I wanted within minutes. I flew planes and my Mavic Pro drone at a great airfield all last fall. Suddenly this spring it has become a NFZ and I dont know why. It is no wh I got a MP2 recently, opened the box connected to computer and downgraded firmware to achieve patch I needed.

Very straight forward. I was on the NFZ so I couldn't fly my drone. After gathering informations on the Web, I I purchased before checking the birdmap, it informs of compatability with your drone and more specifically your firmware version. NLD refunded me NLD has been the go to and their custo I pondered this great discovery for three days reading all about it checking out reviews etc.

But really I was just kidding myself it is a wonde So easy, so powerfull. As a poor European, it's like I've bought a new drone. So far it's ok I use mods on several drones, and everything always works and worked successfully. I crashed after using NLD but it was my own fault. The accuracy of the software is fantastic.

I had to send my mavic back to DJI for service and NLD is an amazing project, made by really smart people. I absolutely appreciate the commitment and enthusiasm the team keeps investing in this I bought this app to activate fcc mode on my mavic 2 pro and it worked like a charm.

I hope the NLD team will crack the firmware to remove the al If you are hesitant I Suggest you not Be and pull the plug and get this software. We also conduct geotechnical- and topographic Well worth the cost! Get this now, You'll be Glad You Did! I have had NLD for quite a while and very happy with it, having the ability to apply ones own using common sense in flying situations is the main I'm flying the Mavic 2 Zoom and this worked perfectly!

It's simple to do and you'll be back up in the air in no time! Get This, You'll be glad yo Was able to downgrade to needed firmware and apply NFZ patch. Everything works as advertise. I hope that your team can address the anti roll back firmware on the Mavic 2 Pro. I will be your customer in the future once you guys figure out the NFZ. Thank you for your help and support. Highly recommended to anyone who wa Took a while to download the downgrade program, but probably my slow ass computer.

Took several tries and on the final try it took about an hour Right now got better signal, and just Installed NLD in minutes. Now flying without restrictions even in NFZ. Great job! I contacted NLD for advice on how to break free of the rubbish ce mode in the uk.

They answered every email i sent the very same day, the custome Only downside is that permanent FCC mo I have 5 Mavic Pros and 2 each Phantom 4 Pros. I needed my drones stripped of altitude, NFZ, signal, and update limits. I specialize in photogr I was shocked that after spending big on dji aircraft and many accessories I discovered the whole area near me as red on the map. Totally bogus N I have the mavic pro plat. I was able to to do the mods I wanted.

I loved the support team. Thanks NLD, You finally set mt drone free! Waiting for Mavic 2 pro firmware NFZ Boost etc. Please kindly fast, Thank you. Everyrhing working as advertised. I'm a new mavic 2 owner. Had a little luck not updating firmware from dji go4. FCC Mode and Boost cannot be obtained yet. Will this be permanent or short term..

Pls advise I have a Phantom 4 Adv. I am happy with the MOD Clien Great software that worked quickly and easily. I was on the latest firmware and using DJI Assistant 2 downgraded to and applied th I just would like to thank all the techs who made this software available for all of us frustrated drone pilots. I could not believe DJI would ma I was afraid if the software would work and today I did the test.

I live in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, very close to an airport Congonhas a Great job. I have no words to thank you guys for NLD, I will recommending you guys and be thankful for ever to you guys. It made my drone hu So far I have switched to FCC mode and boosted to 1. I trying close up for stability and check for temperatures I'm a little more careful beca This is seriously work and feel very thankful.

I was lucky to bump into this software. This patch give me oppoturnity to capturing and monitoring Thanks Guys, Straight forward firmware mod to Marvic pro, dismis beginner mode and up she goes, NLZ is more, but repo After mini drone flying I maybe Not a super fan of range increment, worth every cent paying for the NLD for flight safety and transmission! I installed the software on my phantom 4 pro. To be honest, the w10 installation and the phantom hack was no problem.

The android installation wa Congrats for the great job you are doing. It Works great. I highly recommend. Funnily enough, I reckon nld tops the list for getting back to u in good time with substantive intelligible answers on amateurs' silly tech quest The product is superb! Just hope that you can add in no height limit for Mavic 2 soon. Great tool ,great comunication I love these tool. Software download was simple, and updating my bird was easy!! Break the DJI hold on your drone and order this mod package!!

Bestimmt, gute Software. Leider geht diese nicht, mit der DJI Firmware x. I am quite satisfied with NLD but I would also like the altitude unlock and especially a version of dji go crack for mavic 2, thank you. The unmodified Mavic Pro is way overstabilized, even in Sport mod Lost my drone in an accident. Got a replacement from DJI. NLD rearms my activation key, free of charge. Thank you! Just would like to say thank u This is exactly what my drone needed Dji should be ashamed forcing lock outs on people It's our money our drone I am glad I bumped into this as it 's very user friendly.

The software was easy to install and execute!! The mods are smazing! Now I can fly my Mavic Pro as I want to!! Thanks guys! Well what can I say. You've really did your homework on this little bird. I went out across the st I downgraded easily the firmware of my Mavic to remove the NFZs, that now are very restrictive. So happy with my bird now. Before nld was full of frustration.

Now I can fly more often. Since before I had a dji spark I want to change the signal strength to fcc then I came across to this mod. I'm hesitant because I'm only beginne DJI has answered all requests to unlock flight limit zones negative or not at all. I got flight permission from air traffic control and could not I like to fly my Mavic Pro up mountains chasing panoramic scenes and waterfalls.

I was not aware of the No Fly Zone restrictions befor My internet provider Cox Cable - bastards! The support from NLD was great and they informed me On Mavic 2, at the moment NFZ is removed only on firmware. The camera stabilizer does not work stably on this firmware, as DJI admitted. I had a few questions during the process that were answered quickly. It works like a charm. Another happy customer and two thumbs up Es hat alles wunderbar funktuoniert!!!

Meine M2pro fliegt jetzt wie der Predator!! Works perfect with my mavic pro. Great job guys. Waiting for more improvements. I own a Mavic Pro. Thank you NLD guys for the app. I tried also boost power First of all, customer service is the best you will find anywhere. I emailed at least two times before purchase and asked two more questions afte Purschase NlD and re-flash and downgraded the my drone firmware to V I am ver I'm impressed with what client is able to for you i just wish the altitude limit for my Mavic Pro 2 was able to be removed, other than that, wel I am very pleased with becoming a member of NLD.

The responses via email to my questions have been great! Plenty of information and speedy repli Just re-flash and downgraded my M2Pro to firmware V This is excellent software! Had some installation problems but were walked through the solutions by a tireless tech support person.

Now MOD Client works as promised. Will be So far everything is as good as it can be. No more dji hovering over me and filling up my gallery with b. With my Mavic 2 it couldn't have worked better: Activating the drone, changing parameters in the app, patching it, done! All this in less than When I bought the activation code I had the expectation that I only had to connect my drone to the computer with the NLD app app running and just I really appreciate the service from NLD.

My Mavic 2 has to be in CE mode. In CE mode I experienced laggy video transfer from the drone when I m I've only had a small chance to operate the upgraded Mavic Pro and so far it's doing well. I find the NLD software to be very user friendly. In addition, I like that they worked hard to make sure that the application worked for the are Only one thing: buy and install.

I'm legal dron Funcionou para o Mavic Pro! The customer service is really perfect and quick to respond. I recommend!! If your looking for an easy and friendly way to mod your drone with no bugs or risking issues then NLD is your best choice.

Don't risk it. Use wh Purchased for both mavic pro and phantom 4 -- no issues whatsoever. Quick to make adjustments and get out flying. Plan is to purchase additiona I love your products! Excellent work dev!!! I bought it recently for my M2, the whole community is waiting for the altitude mod for M2, many are This product was purchased for me by my daughter whose yard I could not fly in due to her living in the approach to an airport.

She Lives in a la Worked like a charm! Excited to try some of the other features and even make use of NLD when I buy my next drone. I have a Dji spark, and with your help it feel like a brand new drone Everything worked perfectly. Thanks so much Sc I unlock my M2P that I have for pro usage and everything works amazing. Thanks for all. Having control on where I can fly is a big plus for me. I fly with care and away from airc This software is almost worth the price of the drone itself Living 2.

Now that I backed down to V It did what it was require for me to fly my drone. This NFZ is getting out of hand! At least let me fly below 20ft inside a NFZ, even this is a n Always been a supporter love what you guys do Worked flawlessly. The progr Thank you so much for NLD team, let my Mavic 2 pro free. The removal of NFZ just perfect for my bird, and is so easy. Thanks again. Easy and uncomplicated. The support is also super fast and they try to help with a problem quickly.

I am very pleased that it worked. I was having problems at first with downgrading the firmware, but turned the battery was too low on my bird. Thank you at NLD to take cancel all nonsene limitations. If we buy product we have the right to use it at all their best. It's on pilot whether o Breaking free of DJI's restriction is awesome but it could be better. Getting free of the NFZ is great but having to get out of the m height This application is easy to use a and its features are great.

Just remember to read the manual first as some finer points of tinkering with your Hi the team. Super happy with my purchase. Reasonable driver, I unlocked that NFZ. Great app, stable, very good job. Thank you for your work. NLD Staff are amazing quick response when help is needed. Very user friendly app. Bought 3 keys already for my drones. I was skeptical at first but after reading the reviews I went ahead and pulled the trigger and it works just like it says! No regrets at all! Excellent product this is my 3rd purchase of nolimitdronez.

All the different mods are working. Easy download, easy install, easy peasy! M2Z more enjoyable to date. Thanks NLD! Thank you guys, you are doing a fabulous work! Works like a charm! Extremely easy to use and reliable, just turnes my M2P into something that not only takes awesome pictures, but is now fun to fly! Works perfectly on my Mac. Works as advertised! My mavic zoom is now in fcc and flies beautifully Keep up the good work guys and gals.

Clear download and installation instructions. Quickly recognized the drone model, and was able to make adjustments within a few minutes. I am happy with the Product thank you. The only problem the I had The program is excellent mainly for FCC and for editing parameters. The software is very good, but the Mavic 2 firmware version V It does, what is said.

Downgrade from. Very good program. Easy to use. Worked like a charm. No nfz's after just few minutes. I will make further enhancements to make my flying exper I'm new to drones and I found with just about an hour o Team fantastico , soldi spesi bene con soddisfazione , collaboratori gentili , preparatissimi e ben disposti.

From now it just unlocked the FCC for my bird, still no signal boost, max horizontal speed hack, vertical distance hack with the latest firmware I do recommend this useful application to unleash the full potential of our DJI drones, it's worth.!! I think just to understand how the MOD Client works without any Installed it and applied the FCC patch. Had a small problem and contacted support. Got a reply within 2 hours on a Sunda Very happy with results, Program froze up 2 times, Had to turn program off and on both times but did complete after around 1.

I did fin My first experience with this application and great customer support was fantastic. Its was straight forward and easy to use. I still can use automated features and actually control my drone professionally. No more handicap flights. With that being said beware of how you I upgrade to But i hope third party app like pix4d, dronedeploy could be included in NFZ bec Does exactly what I wanted it to do: remove NFZ.

There have been multiple times where I have been unable to safely fly because of DJI restriction I had to adopt indirect channel for this purchase as company accepts payments only through Paypal or alipay which does not works here so i had to Jestem zadowolony.

Z wyrazami szacunku. Dear company, thank you very much for the interest you are showing to me and the results of the changes made by mavic 2 zoom,I am very pleased wi A little difficult to install but works great!! Mivic 2 pro, now goes!!! I had no problem, very simple. I hope that the altitude limit will be released as soon as possible. I think it's the most interesting thing. Had some teething problems at first now all ok but it's winter here now will do more test when weather gets better. Thanks NLD!!!

Successfully upgraded firmware to desired version in first attempt. Changed the FCC mode and instantly got better signal. Worth every dollar. The ability to adjust parameters and r I am really happy with this app!! I appreciate your hard work rooting this new drone m2p. Really happy. Thanks you Ariel. It's bad enough that our Federal Gov has digital spying tools that can invade every part of our lives. But the Chinese Gov doesn't even espouse I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

This is my 2nd purchase with nolimitdrones, first one was for mavic zoom. Everything worked fine and simple. I had to borrow a windows laptop. Could not find any instructions on the site, maybe I just missed the link but when I selected "Guide" I never saw any instructions. As for the NLD is an essential support tool for users with a paid license whose constant progress in research on the software framework of the company Dji w Thank you so much for giving me back control of my drone.

Not, only does NLD work as advertised, the support is absolutely amazing. They're r Easy installation, does everything advertised. And 32 channel availabilty. But overall v I used for now just the NFZ unlimit and it work perfectly. As promiss..

I'm using smart glass Epson Moverio BT Also I No more waiting an hour for an unlock code! No more struggling with DJI to prove you have permission to fly! Just take off! This was extremely si Nolimitdrones definitely works Really good customer-service and support. Mavic 2 Pro FCC funktioniert super. Firmware down und Upgrade ohne Probleme.

It's excellent work and easy to use. Thanks NLD for hard work. Good experience using the program. Only problem is when each modification fails once or twice before working inexplicably the next try. Especially, with FCC mode. In South Korea, we are in CE mode, meaning more shorter range.

Now wi I live on a tiny island. A great experience. They were fast, they answered from the beginning exactly to the asked question. The reply told me what to do, I did it and wo I highly suggest to buy and use this software. It worked for me even though I lost some of the latest festures.

But it also removed my great frus It got rid of the NFZ,Freedom! Great app! I just wish NLD sends an email with the activation key along with the detailed instructions and other resources right after the paymen Thank you so much for let my drone free. Of couse , I will never do stupid thing, just en Works just perfect.

All we need now is Altitude Removal for mavic 2 pro. I am new to NLD and was worried about doing the mod at first. I even bought a windows PC to do this! After a couple of failed attempts the firmwa At first, i was afraid to do this because i was thinking it's not working and just a waste of money. But, I said, fk it. Let's do it. The fastest way to fly and get the shots without being hassled by draconian laws that are impossible to get around in a realistic time.

Get it! Great working mod for my Mavic. I was about to sell off my drone until I found you guys. I can now fly anywhere want without anything blockin I haven't had a chance to test the application deeply yet but it seems like everything is working. These changes make me app FCC is just what I've been waiting for, no need for NFZ mod where I am, just waiting on the boost now, really pleased with this, well done guys. The fact that my Spark now also performs way better than it ever ha Fast installation, I activated the FCC mode in 10 seconds, I modified the speed parameters in 10 seconds, now they are missing, the speed of the Highly recommend this mod.

It's ridiculous. Next flight, remote controller said NFZ, Usability of the software is very good. NFZ unlock is installed without any problems. It would be nice when the removal of the height of mavic Evrything perfect, fast and easy and withouth problem.

A big thank you guys for investing so much effort, time and love in this matter! You are doing a great job an it is worth every single penny!! I had to search the forum for 30 mins to find that you had to install the older go 4 app. Need to finish the m2 up grades.. Documentation for P4P properties is partly confusing example height limit removal but reading forum helps to get started.

User interface is ma I purchased this software to get rid of the No Fly Zones, and it has done just that. As a commercial operator I wanted to film on the very edge o I can't downgrade Mavic Pro RC to any version. NLD app can't detect the remote controller. Working perfectly fine for my MP2. Strangely it seems that launching NLD The procedure took me about 30m and is working great!

If you are like myself you like to have control over your device. I don't like the fact after paying money for three dji drones, dji could at an My foremost problem always was the lack of FCC in my region of the world. Not sure what Mushroom means? Thanks Showtime. I very much appreciate the positive feedback. However … I do plan to start this project! Do you have any tips on where one would start looking into this themselves?

Thanks Hans. Well, my first step was getting familiar with Arduino and WS LED strips, just playing with it to understand how it all works. See how it works before mounting anything on your TV. This gives me plenty to go off though. I will definitely be making some kind of bracket. I guess the best thing to do is just dive in and see what I can do. Thanks again. Maybe we should keep each other posted about our progress …. So I got my WS LED strips yesterday and after many hours of playing around with the different colors and patterns and how the LED addressing worked I was able to kind of get something working.

I started with the arduino code from here:. There was a huge delay in matching the color and it showed some other colors occasionally which I think had to do with the way that I was reading the serial input. It also seems like the time it takes for the strip to change to the proper color takes a while, but this most likely has to do with the way that I address the LEDs with the serial input.

I also found some Arduino code at PasteBin for this purpose. No rush, I like trying to figure this stuff out on my own as best I can. Great find with the Russian site, after a quick read through it makes it look easier than I thought. I was thinking the same thing after reading the Russian site … looks like I finished my little project, so I hope to give BobLight a start tomorrow …. So I finally got everything working today.

I used the arduino code from that Russian site and I more or less followed the guide found here:. There is also a link in there for a boblight. The one thing that took me way too long to realize was that I had to change the prefixes found in the WaitForPrefix function to match my prefixes in boblight. I have a little more tweaking to do to get everything how I want and then I will mount them.

You mentioned that one of your strips was failing. What was the problem with it? I ordered 4 meters and there seems to be almost a one meter section that is a little touchy. If I press on the LED directly before the bad part it works fine. Awesome Dave! Glad you got it to work! Although mine came in 5x 1 meter strips.

I did see at AdaFruit that they recommend having power fed to the strips in between as shown in this article or this picture — unlike the Russian website that suggests using thick wires between the strips. I used blue half inch pvc the kind used for water lines for a bracket and used zip ties to connect the strips to it.

I liked it because it allowed me to easily adjust the direction that the strips were pointing so I could get the optimal light reflection off of the wall. What kind of XBMC setup are you running? So the above demo works great. I did recreate the config file with a script I found here. Well, unfortunately for me my strips started failing shortly after actually taking them off of the reel after I had finished all testing.

Are you using the boblight addon in XBMC and the boblightd script? The only thing I changed in the sketch from that site were the number of LEDs, the speed, and the prefixes to watch for in the WaitForPrefix function. I got the prefixes for that out of my boblight. After that I just made sure that the baud rate and the COM port were consistent through everything involved. Thanks Dave for replying this quick. Bummer your LEDs are crapping out though ….

My were delivered in 1 Meter strands so I had some serious soldering to do to complete the frame. I am using the boblightd plugin for XBMC, and had a script create my config file. So you used the ones the config generate created? How did you add this in the code? Yeah, the good thing is they will be replacing them. In the [device] section of the config file I have this line: prefix 41 64 61 00 D5 80 I replaced the 0x55 and 0xAA from the sketch and used 0x41 and 0x64 instead.

Might be worth a try. I will definitely have to try that NeoBob sketch. The config file still confuses me a bit. I think I need to find a better script to create mine because the one I was using is a little difficult to use. So I got my new lights today and everything is working great on the hardware side, but the software side definitely needs some tweaking.

The NeoBob sketch is working much better than the sketch from the Russian site with a few caveats. The last two LEDs are still always turned on to purple or blue. Have you experienced this at all?? I also feel like the colors with the Russian sketch were more true to the screen whereas the NeoBob sketch seems a bit off.

The blacks are also not represented very well with either sketch. Have you had any more luck with this?? I would like to focus, once the program is done, on what the NeoBob Sketch is doing with the colors vs. Per your advice, I was able to get rid of the pixels that were stuck on by matching up the number of channels and the number of LEDs.

The only thing that I am really having trouble with is blacks. Whenever there are dark areas it seems like it is still able to pick up something and it lights it up whatever color it thinks is there even if it is a very small amount. I have mine set to slow for tv shows and movies. I forgot to mention, you can definitely send me that test video. I start a post here. This article is very helpful! I have one question though. Is a 5v power supply adequate to run the Uno? I am trying to do a similar project but am confused about how much external power to use since the Adafruit strip says to not exceed 6v but the Uno says recommended voltage v with a minimum of 6v.

Does the minimum not apply if you are not using the arduino 5v pin to supply power to anything else? The Atmega seems to be high in price. Yes, when you buy an Arduino Uno R3, the microcontroller will already be included. You do not need to buy a separate one. If this is your first Arduino, then getting the real deal might be better than a clone a clone. However: Most clones work great as well. Keep in mind though that some of the clones might not look exactly the same as the real Arduino Uno R3, which sometimes can lead to confusion.

If a picture is posted with the product: compare that with the picture of the Uno and see what the differences are pin locations, in names. Regarding, the cheaper controller. Is it possible to use a cheaper attiny insetead of the atmega? I am thinking about buying a 5m strip on eBay and cutting it into five 1m sections and connecting the strips together.

If I do this, it looks like I would need a hefty 5V power supply that can source at minimum 10 amps. Does that sound right? Has been working very well for quite a while now …. Can you point me to the power supply you bought? Always want to buy something that I know works. These are awesome 5v DC, 10 amp 50 watt switching power supplies perfect for driving your LED lighting setup or any other 5V needs you may have.

These will also gladly drive shorter lengths approx 2. Look at my other listings for bundles! Enjoy your project. I think my preferences would go towards NeoPixel as you can see in my BobLight project. But to be honest, FastLED is most certainly very good as well and the difference in programming might make you chose it did for me. I want to create a LED matrix with this 5m strip, so I was thinking about cutting it into 1m strips. Then again … most screens are not symmetric either.

It seems that the width of a pixel is more than the height of a pixel, which suggests putting the strips slightly closer to each other in the vertical direction. Finally; what is the display supposed to display? Hi Seyhun! Thanks Nick! The sketch confirmed that the LED strip I have has the red and green reversed. Since the manufacturer reversed the red and green, does that mean that the LED strips sold by Adafruit are like that?

The NeoPixel library works without my having to make any changes. Not all of the strips have them switched. It depends on the manufacturer I believe. Switching the colors appears to be relatively common, even though I have yet to run into that situation.

Thanks for the thorough read through. Do you have any experience with that? On screen it is Banana Yellow, but the neopixel is showing us a color closee to white! Not an accurate representation at all! Although ,,,0 or ffffff00 is represented extremely well! Well, when I look at using the LEDs for Boblight, I see that every Boblight variant has a gamma correction option, and I suppose that exists for a very good reason. If banana yellow becomes almost white, then I suppose gamma correction must be applied.

Hope this helps you on your way. If anyone can try that specific color and tell me how close it matched, that would be great! Thanks again for the info. Can you try that hex on an led and see what result you get? We ended up using a look up table and it seems to have fixed the color issues we were having. Banana yellow now appears to be banana yellow! This is the LUT that should be used so there is full range. An adafruit admin gave me this information in a separate post. Thanks for your involvement in sharing your knowledge across internet and the page design is very nice as well.

Thanks Mat13! Is there a possibility to connect the Strip to the Embedded Pi and to configure it through this? I have this strip and an Arduino Mega. So, there would only be one or two lights on at any time. Can you help? Hope this helps a little — feel free to ask if you need more assistance.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your reply! I wish I knew enough to try to figure out why, but all I can do is copy the error messages. Let me know how it works …. We are getting somewhere! This is exciting. The sketch uploads and works now. Then that pattern repeats. I want an irregular pattern, maybe 1,5,7,15,1,3,8,10,2,4,1,12,6, Something like that, so it looks random. I also need there to be 2 seconds of darkness in between each LED lighting up.

And each LED should light up for seconds. Your next challenge! And thank you again for your help! Kind-a the motto of my website is to make stuff like this accessible for everybody … sharing knowledge makes life better for all of us ….

The Sketch does not seem to behave like I wanted it to. The timing seems off we just use 3 second delays and the repeat of pattern is not right either. The timing is a little odd, the repeat of pattern might be avoidable by setting the random seed in the loop function.

The random pattern looks pretty good, but I still would prefer an irregular sequence as I mentioned before. The lights will be lighting up a scene so if LED 7, for example, hardly ever goes on, which might happen with random, that would be bad. I now have a new problem! I hope you can help. The lights will shine down from the top.

And my show needs to open in a few weeks. Then I can lay the strip onto the top of the box face down. Check out eBay, maybe you can find them there, although I assume that shipping time might become an issue. I like the strand of pixels. I could use them for something else after this show too! The tutorial says:. To use our example code for Arduino, connect the yellow wire serial data to Arduino pin 2 and the green wire serial clock to pin 3. The software can be configured to use other pins, but we recommend using this arrangement when starting out, so that everything is tested in a known configuration.

The blue wire ground should be connected to any of the Arduino GND pins. I assume I can connect the red to the 5V pin, right? As for connecting the wires, in my sketch I use pin 6 instead of pin 2. A 5V 2A power-supply should be sufficient.

I made the correction to the sketch as you noted, but there was still no delay. However, I noticed that the delay did work in the previous sketch. I put it in and the delay works! The sketch I edited to work is the one from November 7. The sketch from November 10 makes LED 2 go on for 3 seconds and off for 3 seconds. No others light, but the delay works. I just ordered the light string and power supply. My opening is December 7 so I should have time.

Thanks so much for your help so far! Well done Claire! The more you figure out this way, the more creative you can become with these kind of microcontrollers. It worked well, but ideally, I would have used a more flexible strip so the lights could have entered the box from the sides as well.

Really cool to see less technical folks having fun with the Arduino and LEDs as well. I really like seeing your project here! The array is 8 positions long myPattern , and counted from 0 to 7 which equals 8 positions. It calculates the size of the array as the number of LEDs you have. It comes with JST SM type connectors on each end and those connectors have 2 more wires coming out of them.

Do they connect directly to the board or do I need another part? The WS is a kind of predecessor of these with 2 more wires and a different controlling mechanism — the AdaFruit Library does however support them. I did find on the AdaFruit website this article showing the wiring — hope this helps …. Now my question: I would like to play back the output of i.

Do you or does anyone have an idea or is there already a solution? I did not find something suitable so far. Thanks for the nice compliment …. Maybe the sketch needed for either are even the same? I already own a hardware controller that is also limited to pixels. Did you try looking at the forums of Jinx! I can imagine that others run into these limitations as well?

Well, I am just at the beginning of that project as far as the software issue is concerned; the hardware is ready. Of course I found some infos, but so long none of them were really helpful. The forums are of course a good idea; i will take a look.

Most of the projects are written to be compatible for the Arduino uno which has 2kB Ram, I think. However, the Ram problem does not consist with the teena, which has 64kB! But how would you control LEDs if the software applications you mentioned only handle ?

This little box seems to do all the things I want — convert the tmp2 protocol from Jinx! So, why to invent the wheel again?! I think I will order one, but I will try to keep my own setup running, too. Would you talk about how can you give command to LED strip when the Arduino broad is without connecting to computer?

Please elaborate. When you disconnect the Arduino from the PC, you will need to connect it another source of power. Hans has a diagram above that shows you how to make that power connection. Thanks Lucien for chiming in! Hope this goes fast enough,…. Hi there, I have a couple of questions, I am planning to use a Strip on a QuadCopter to show the different flight modes i. Have you tried less LEDs?

I assume the battery provides 5. It might be an idea to look for 3. How about never drive more than 1 LED on at a time. Sweep all of the LEDs quickly using pov to have them all appear on? This will reduce your overall current draw on your battery system while retaining what appears to be all LEDS lit if necessary. Thanks for the compliment,…. I understand that Vin is the preferred method. Next thing to check is if power is connected properly.

And finally the wires to the Arduino fig. It should work with the sketch from this article, after you changed it to 12 LEDs in the code of course. Easiest test would be by trying another strand with your current setup. See if that one fails as well. All under the assumption that the strip is indeed a WS or WS of course. Let me know if none of this works …. Thank you very much for the very nice compliment — cool!

The examples do not seem to work, but the strip flashes once when the power supply is turned on. My question is if I simply remove the first LED and solder again on the second will that fix the possibly faulty connection? You might be able to skip the LED as well, for a Quick test.

If everything works fine, then you know the first LED is not working correctly and then you can go to the plan of cutting it off and attaching wires straight to the second LED. I have found in 2, of the 5 strands that I have, a faulty LED. I have heard others having similar problems. I hope that made sense haha …. I used 5V from computer for 8 chips of pcb for testing from ebay , arduino is powered from USB.

In this case it is not necessary to connect the grounds I guess…??? Optimized source code for 8 leds, output pin, frequency is right, but the leds even didnt come on. What I did wrong? I need it to write it more accurately: Of course the LEDs are connected to ground, they are powered directly from computer 5V, I dont worry about the computer power supply, it has enough power.

But anyway, even when I connected grounds, nothing happened. I had arduino just one day, without much time for testing, still waiting for my own from ebay. Im gonna write more details when I get it and test it with program code written here with fast led library. I suspect the program code, which I copied from somewhere, wasnt right based on adafruit neopixel library. Do you mean that the 5V comes from the USB port? In that case you might be facing power limitations, which is defined by the USB standard and independent of the power supply in your computer ….

But if power would have been sufficient try one or two LEDs instead of 8? Also note the direction of the data flow from LED to LED … it needs to be in the right direction otherwise it will not work. Here is link to the PCB with ws I have. Now I am just asking myself: If arduino with this code send every 2 secs request through USB, which application send the data with colors on monitor back to arduino, how does it work?

Is possible to customize the library regarding position of LEDs, for second monitor and so on..?? That code is rubbish. It was written by someone who has no idea of how an Arduino works. To get anything out of it you have to open up the serial monitor from the Arduino IDE and type rubbish characters into it. If you want to check the hardware why have you not used the examples that came with the Adafruit library? Oh nice find — just the kind of strip I was thinking of for another project I have in mind, thanks for posting the link!

As for your question, you might want to look at this article. Boblight, and there are others, analyzes the video output and converts it to code for your LEDs. Everything solved, I tried different code and the strip works perfectly. Also when I installed 32 bit processing instead of original 64 bit, ambilight works perfectly.

Glad to hear that. I have 3 stripes leds each. If i start my program or standard test i have always the same problem or led. The program begins to show another colors and begins to flash. I am using adapter — 20A. I tried to use another library — FastLED, but there i have the same problem.

I can only guess that it might be a fault somewhere in the strip s. Did you try the individual strips, one at a time, just for testing? If i try only one stripe it works fine, but if i increase the number of. Do you have another power supply handy to test?

I have tested multiple setups without these precautions, and none of them posed a problem. You could give the 8A power supply a try. To not overload your power supply, do not keep the LEDs on too long, although I doubt something will happen power supply might get warm, or simply fail to provide the needed power. Thanks for the great tutorial. According to the NeoPixel userguide a pixel strip should be able to update at up to fps.

Not sure how to speed things up. Any pointers would be much appreciated. I actually use LEDs for my Boblight setup and it keeps up wonderfully … and that even includes reading data from the serial port, conversion and steering the individual LEDs.

So that leaves: Arduino somehow slow, or LEDs somehow slow,… which could caused by the wiring maybe? One or the other Arduino pin shorting? Could the UNO be running at an artificially slow clock speed? Maybe I can troubleshoot by printing out the data to the serial port rather than sending it?

My program definitely slows down a lot more when I start to print things to the serial port though…. No Problem …. So your Arduino is somehow running slow it seems. What happens if you set delay 1? I realized yesterday after getting more sleep that I was incorrectly calculating the FPS. The code example I posted causes 1 white pixel to chase down the line of pixels.

Seems it was more of a common sense issue than a technical one. Haha, yeah these things happen — no problem! I never said there was anything wrong with addressing LED 0. Currently my sketch pulled from the examples just automatically cycles between the various patterns. Ideally, if the Arduino remembers the last pattern when it is turned off and then on again, that would be great, but not really a requirement.

Sound good or do you think the 10 pushes is a far easier solution? Hi Roger! You could do something similar for brightness , maybe even use 3 settings: Bright, Medium, Off? Brightness can be controlled in several ways see this AdaFruit Forum Topic and I suspect that in your case, setting the brightness before calling the pattern display will work just fine by using:. For half the brightness I just picked and arbitrary number, you might want to experiment what would be the right value for you.

See this Arduino Push Button example. In this I assume your code keeps calling the pattern generation in the loop over and over again. With this example we simply switch to another patter that is being displayed over and over again. Hope this gets you started. I know the code worked before when it was just cyclilng between the differnt patterns, but its not liking how I wrote it. I hope its not just a fat-fingered issue on my end, but could I ask for a quick look-see?

The file dated is todays, The March 23 file is the sketch I started with, and the file April 9th file is the one from just now. If you can offer some suggestions it would help. I upload the example NeoPixel code which I used before and worked perfectly and nothing happens, powering it with my USB port. Do you have any ideas of what the issue might be? The USB bus will most likely not provide enough power to light up the LEDs, and you would not want the power of the power-supply go back into your USB over simplified explanation.

Hope I read your explanation correctly and hope this helps …. I made sure all my connections are good, re-uploaded, tried different USB ports all of them worked before and still no luck. Glad to hear that Jay!

Well, the part that you got it fixed of course …. I came across this website and realized that it caters not only for those familiar with Arduino programming, but also for complete beginners like myself. I have an Arduino Duemilanove board with an Atmega P—pu chip. I have looked at various options to drive my strip, but most of the available information appears to be geared to rather fancy stuff and is way above my head.

Being a licensed ham, I am reasonably familiar with the principles of electricity, RF etc, so powersupplies and soldering are no problem. However programming is all gobbledigook to me and at 74 years of age it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. Basically what I want to do, is assign individual colors to the LEDs at will; e.

Nice to see you here! My LEDs are spaced about 1 inch apart horizontally, so you would want to space them about 1 inch apart vertically. Solder wires to connect end of strip 1 to start of strip 2, end of strip 2 to start of strip 3, and so forth. So we have 5 strips of 30 LEDs, and for each we would need to define the colors. A 2 dimensional array would be helpful to define the flag colors. As you can see, you can define pretty much any picture of 5 x 30 pixels this way.

Define more colors if you need them, and use them in the same way. Simply pass the flag name and it will show. Just seemed the easiest for this purpose. I replied to the email version of your reply, but I am not sure whether that is the correct way of going about it, so I am repeating my reply below:.

Do not think that the delay in answering your questions is due to a sudden lack of interest. At the back of our house I have a large deck and basically I want to string the LEDs horizontally along the railing. We occasionally have a party on this deck and it would be nice if e. On other occasions I could have them all red, white blue or whatever.

I was born in Indonesia and my parents were Dutch. However writing in Dutch is a complete disaster!! I am currently learning Spanish and maybe even Arduino. The sketch I wrote can be used for your purposes as well. If you really only intend to use a 3x 3 Color pattern, then maybe this is a more appropriate approach:.

In that loop, I have 3 loops which each count from 0 to 3 3 not included to set a color for a LED. In the loop the code that the Arduino keeps repeating we define and set the first pattern, wait half a second, do the 2nd pattern, wait half a second, do the 3rd pattern, wait half a second and do it all over again …. I use this code : Codeshare. I try do modify some function. I would like to have some help from a WSB expert. Hi ShowTime!

So it sets the LED values for the first 4, then shows the changes. Then for the next 4, and show the changes again, … repeat until we reach the first LED. Hope not boring you. Wow that looks really NICE! I want that! Yet more info for another Arduino LED article!! I think I have to order a bunch more LEDs! Hint hint to the LED strand sellers — please donate haha! OK, I think the fade should be in the loop of those 2 functions. So I would rewrite the functions as follows again untested — no equipment nearby to test , in which we go 4 LEDs at a time and let them fade.

My testing setup is : Fritzing draw. Naturally I will share this project after completing it! About your early morning code, it work! Once again for your invaluable help. I did not reply to your request for the code immediately, as I felt I should explore all avenues and try and sort out the problem myself. This basically does what I originally intended to do. However, as you may have guessed; playing around with Arduino has piqued my interest and I am now looking at some refinements.

Could you please help me do the following:. Many thanks again for your help, As a programming illiterate,I am really tickled pink about all this. You mean led 1 on, led 2 on,… led n on. All leds off. And repeat? If so, then I think you can achieve that with:. You might have to tweak the delays in the code a little bit, and I took the liberty to make dimmed brightness in between. I have learned, and am still learning, a lot from those.

Well my initial jubilations for getting my LED strip to work have turned into a very frustrating eating humble pie session. So I am back to square one actually one step before square one. By the way the red comments in the Arduino program outlining the errors are very difficult to read. Is there any way of changing this? Question: Where exactly do I insert this series of lines? Is it at the beginning or the end of the program? You see how the block of code is enclosed with accolades?

You can modify it, but this can be rather cumbersome to find the right file to do that. Change it for example to yellow:. I have a feeling that I am sinking deeper and deeper into a hole. I have tried all sorts of combinations of accolades, semi colons and I get all sorts of weird compiling errors. Just to let you know that I finally did get the flag sketch to work by going back to the original sample you provided and by retracing my steps. I would however still like to know how I can get the following effect: run from LED 1 to Led , pause when the whole string is lit for x minutes and repeat this routine.

Where exactly should the modification be inserted end bottom of the program. Maybe it is an idea to start a forum topic about this? Otherwise the comments get quite convoluted …. I took the liberty to start a forum topic. All i would like to do is make a certain led on the strip turn on. For example, i want the 36th led to turn on blue for 5 seconds, how would i do that in the code?

For example in Adafruit Neopixel this would be:. Note that LEDs are numbered 0 … n zero based counting. The trick is to capture the motion and possible fade in a loop. I will try to get back to this question with a loop as soon as I can. I can see that the data direction is very important. I would like to know if there is a power direction as well. I want to power 1M strip with a battery in one end the back , and then connect the Arduino in the front end.

Is that possible or are the strips one way only in terms of power? If you have all of your LEDS turned on the far end of the strip away from the power can be dimmer than the near end depending on number of LEDS and the length of the strip.

Additionally it gives two paths for current draw into the LEDS effectively doubling your current carrying capacity from the power supply into the strip. You must make the -ve of the battery connect to the ground of the Arduino.

Also the battery voltage must not be higher than 5V. I am new to this so my knowledge is low but willing to learn. I am looking to buy all stuff needed ASAP to start working on this. Yes this guide current or should I be looking at some other stuff? I hope to find the time in the next few months to write an article for that as well. I only read somewhere that it needs a serial number or address. You might need a few connectors or cables — depending on your choices how to connect the power supply and how to connect individual strands.

They are pretty bright though and I actually had to tone down the brightness to get good results. I think Boblight might be able to handle individual LEDs just fine. However, if you find that it will not work, then we most certainly can see if we can adapt the sketch to support grouping of LEDs.

Hi, nice tutorial here! Example, from the demo video embled in this page, at the start of the video it shows the lights lit up from the beginning of the LED strips till the end of the LED strips in a very fast speed. For example delay pauses the Arduino for a second. Also may I know which library is suitable for my project? These 2 functions colorWipe and theaterChase are functions defined in this example. I did not bring them to the FastLED example — which probably would have been a better idea.

Anyhow … too late now. Increasing 10 here would slow down the effect as well:. No problem Louis! Glad I could help and thanks for the compliment. Is this the correct way strip. Color 0, 0, 0 to turn off the LEDs? Yes that should be the correct way to turn off a LED. Is it possible to execute the codes after the called function rainbowCycle 20 inside a loop concurrently?

Solved by learning how to multi-task here. Nice and neat find! An addressable LED strip is not compatible with a speaker? Since speaker uses Tone library that uses interupts, addressable LED strip cannot receive any data signal for show ; Is this true? The initial pixel will be triggered by a proximity sensor.

Would you have any suggestions? The code above sets the color of a pixel based on 4 numbers. Hope this gets you started …. THanks Hans! I am having trouble getting this going I believe mostly due to my new-ness to coding. For now if I can get one group running I will be thrilled.

The Loop function is the function that the Arduino keeps repeating indefinitely. Now keep in mind: the Arduino will keep looping the loop function, so if my fade code works well, then it will keep repeating that over and over again until you unplug the power.

Thanks so much for your support firstly. I had tried this version you wrote, but it still cannot work. It could compile and upload to Arduino successful, but the LED have no any change. Any more help from it, thanks soooo… much! You als had a typo in the FadeOUT loop.

Hi Cindy — thank you very much for the compliment! I like the idea of creating a place where folks can share their lightning effects! I started a topic just now for that purpose. If you follow the same wiring as seen in figure 4 above , you should be good to go. So you might want to look into that one. So far good, it works as wiring in figure 4, and the 12v WS has a chip for every 3 LEDs, so it is addressable in group of 3s, which is fine for what I am doing.

I read the threads that you posted links to and people posted saying both the LED strips and Arduino must be grounded together. I am using one 12v 3. I do hope people share some on the new forum thread you made. Hi Cindy. Please post your sketch! Thank you so much for this wonderful guide.

I then started suspecting the voltage of my breadboard power supply, especially after reading a few reviews about how the 5v rail sometimes outputted 12v in certain ones. I wonder if this could be the reason for the weird glitches. Hopefully if I can try it out with some solderless clips I can figure out once and for all if it is the strip itself thats faulty, my soldering skills or the power supply. Weird flashes and glitches feels like either contacts not working great or failing LEDs only one failing LED is enough to make the rest go nuts.

You could try a more powerful power-supply, or use a shorter strip. And if you go the shorter-strip route; try different pieces, to see if the glitch only happens in one part trying to narrow it down to the LED that causes the issue. Keep moving it to the next LED until the glitches disappear. As for the colors mismatching; could it be that the color order is different? I really appreciate your article and your work — thank you for that! I am looking for a way not only to control the arduino via the software but to use a lightdesk and artnet to control it.

Do you have any experiences or do you know a well explained blog like yours, that could help me? Thanks in advance,. But keep in mind: this is the first time I look at this particular topic … when looking for information online, things get a little confusing.

I did find some control specifications here for those interested. What I have seen so far as pretty vague or very technical. Due to the many different ways to program these its difficult to find consistency so people like us can modify the code.

I am trying to figure out how to program segments of a strip to strobe in different colors and different strobes. The closest example i can think of is police lights. I have a strip of pixels that work great with your code but I would like to start with 6 segments. I believe i would have to add and int for segment 1, segment 2 etc. Just at a loss how to do that using your examples. Hope you had a great holiday as well! Dan, am I understanding this right that your question is similar to this one in the forum?

I created a piece of code in that forum post that might do the trick toggle switch not included. Hello guys! If this indeed is a real WS, then it commonly is powered with 5V did you try that? I have seen one or two other users here that use such a 12V strip as well, maybe they can chime in? You might also want to check the Boblight Project , since there will be more users there that might be able to answer your question.

Personally; I doubt the resistor, or lack there of, will cause this. Then again; I have not played with 12V powered strips before. They were single color and ran from 12V. Mooi om te horen! En dank je wel voor het de moeite nemen om een bedankje te posten! I think this project causing shorts to my pc PSU. Can anyone familiar with this phenomena?

One of the symptoms is a PC restart loop. I can only image a few reasons why this might happen. This can happen when the extra power supply is not connected properly. Try connecting the Arduino, without the LED strip or extra power supply being connected.

I have to much LEDS in order for them to be powered by the pc, either way you think I should switch the wiring to a thicker ones? Most of them are 24awg. Is there a way to test a usb cable connectivity? It reads and writes to the Arduino board with ease.

First of all, I assume you wired it like shown in figure 4 above. We also know the USB cable powers the Arduino and can read and write. What happens when you completely remove the additional power supply and LED strips? Do you still get the problem with your computer becoming unstable? If so: try another USB port. Well the wiring are same in principal as figure 4 but differ in their places.

As I said earlier the PS and Arduino wiring are found in each end of the led strip where Arduino is on the strip start.

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