Bitcoin abc sent btc to bcc

bitcoin abc sent btc to bcc

An online wallet for Bitcoin Cash – the most popular BTC hard fork. Send BCH to any altcoin address; thanks to our integrated exchange it will be. Only the BTC held on your account is eligible for BCC. Full details below. Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is a proposed digital asset based on the Bitcoin ABC client. BCC. Yesterdays fork is know under many names: Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin ABC blocks we can easily calculate power compared to BTC as number of blocks mined by ABC. BEST PAID CRYPTO MINER

This isn't the first time that members of the community have created a new cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin Blockchain and it remains to be seen whether BCC will be a big hit or fall by the wayside. You can read a little about Bitcoin Cash and the advantages its supporters feel it offers over regular Bitcoins on the Bitcoin Cash website. For now, it's enough to know that if you possessed any Bitcoins at the time the Blockchain forked, you're entitled to claim an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash.

In this guide we will explore firstly how to move your existing Bitcoins to a safe place using the excellent, lightweight 'Electrum' wallet software. You will then learn how to install the 'Electron Cash' wallet. This software is based on Electrum but designed for users who want to hold and spend BCC specifically. In order to redeem your Bitcoin Cash, you'll need to provide the "Electron Cash" wallet with the existing private keys to your Bitcoin Wallet.

This is risky given that both the currency and the software itself is relatively new. As such, you'll need to move your existing Bitcoins BTC to a safe place first. Open the browser on your machine and navigate to the Electrum website. Click the 'Download' tab. If you are a Windows user choose the 'Portable' version of Electrum.

Otherwise choose the version specific to your distro. If you happen to use the Electrum wallet software to hold your Bitcoins already, use a different computer or a virtual machine to run these steps. See our guide on running Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine. If you're using Microsoft Edge, choose to save the program, then click 'Run' when the download is complete.

Otherwise double click to run the program from your Downloads folder. Leave the option on the first window checked to default auto connect , then click 'Next'. The next screen will ask you to create a wallet file. Click 'Next' again and choose your wallet type.

Standard Wallet is probably the easiest. The 'Keystore' window will ask if you wish to create a new seed. Leave this option checked and click 'Next'. Unlike other Bitcoin wallet programs, Electrum connects to various servers which run a copy of the Bitcoin Blockchain. This makes it very lightweight as it doesn't have to download its own copy.

Write down the seed that you see on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safely. This is crucial to make sure that your Bitcoins are safe. Electrum will ask for this each time you start the program the first time and want to send a transaction. The User Activated Hard Fork is a proposal by Bitmain which will enable the construction of a whole new form of bitcoin and blocks with larger sizes..

Since this is a hard fork, the chain will not be backwards compatible with the rest of the bitcoin blockchain. The biggest reason why this looks so appealing is because the hard fork does not require a majority of hashpower to be enforced. All nodes who accept these rule set changes will automatically follow this blockchain regardless of the support it gets.

Bitmain visualizes this as a voluntary escape for everyone who is not interested in following up with the BIP proposal. It is fully decentralized, with no central bank and requires no trusted third parties to operate. One of the best features of Bitcoin Cash is how it circumnavigates one of the biggest problems that any cryptocurrency can face post-forking, the replay attack.

A replay attack is data transmission that is maliciously repeated or delayed. In the context of a blockchain, it is taking a transaction that happens in one blockchain and maliciously repeating it in another blockchain. So, how does bitcoin cash prevent replay attacks? Any cryptocurrency depends heavily on its miners to run smoothly. Lately, bitcoin cash has attracted a lot of miners which has significantly improved its hash rate. Here is how they did that.

Bitcoin cash has a set rule as to when it decreases its difficulty. It is the median of the last 11 blocks that have been mined in a blockchain. Basically, line up the last 11 blocks one after another and the time at which the middle block is mined is the median time past of the set. The MTP helps us determine the time at which future blocks can be mined as well.

Here is a chart of the MTP of various blocks:. This gives the miners some power to adjust difficulty, eg. The miners may have simply been doing this to make the blocks easier to mine. Another interesting thing to note is how and when the difficulty rate can adjust in a cryptocurrency. This is a graph which tracks the difficulty rate of BCH:. The difficulty rate adjusts according to the amount of miners in the system.

If there are less miners, then the difficulty rate goes down because the overall hashing power of the system goes down. When bitcoin cash first started it was struggling a bit to get miners, as a result its difficulty dropped down drastically. This in turn attracted a lot of miners who found the opportunity to be very lucrative. This caused an exodus of miners from BTC so much so that the hashing power of BTC halved, decreasing the transaction time and increasing the fees.

Reports on social media stated that BTC transaction were taking hours and even days to complete. Here is the graph that shows the drop in hash rate of BTC:. As of right now, there is a war taking place inside the Bitcoin Cash community.

The hash war is basically a civil war between two rival factions within the Bitcoin Cash community:. Both these chains are utilizing there hash power to mine the longest chain. Whoever has the longest and more efficient chain, becomes the dominant Bitcoin Cash chain. One thing that you need to remember here, script is a purposefully simple and non-versatile language.

It is not a highly-functional, Turing-Complete language like solidity which is used to create smart contracts. Those opcodes being:. They wanted a Bitcoin Cash which was close to the original blueprint as possible. Hence, Bitcoin SV was born. Bitcoin SV is not going to use these new opcodes. We will try to keep a very neutral stance here, but we need to report on just how ugly this war has become.

There has been blatant name calling and negativity from both the the sides. In fact, some of the arguments have been no different than over-the-top pro-wrestling style rants. This one being top of the bunch:. You can read it here. All graphs are taken from coin. Since this battle is all about the hashrate then we might as well check who is doing the best in that regard:. After that, it looks like Bitcoin ABC has suffered a big downturn in its hashrate while Bitcoin SV seems to have gotten the slight upper hand.

Bitcoin ABC has nodes right now. The number of nodes has decreased after seeing a peak on 16th August Bitcoin SV has a total of nodes. The total number of nodes increased dramatically since 15th November , i. After reaching its peak, the number of nodes has been pretty consistent. According to coin. We have no idea how bitcoin cash is going to turn out in the future nor do we know the long term repercussions that it will have on BTC.

What we do know is that this is the first time that anyone has successfully hard forked from BTC whilst keeping the records of the existing transactions. What we have here is a very interesting experiment which will teach us a lot of lessons moving forward. At the same time, the 8 mb block size is definitely a very alluring aspect and it remains to be seen how this affects the miners in the long run.

However, the Hash War has opened up a very intriguing situation. With the sheer number of Bitcoin forks out there, it may dilute the value of Bitcoin even more. The current market crash has been largely attributed to this war. The sad part is that the hash war has become really ugly. Join our community and get access to over 50 free video lessons, workshops, and guides like this!

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As long as you still have the original wallet that had your bitcoin in it. That wallet. W David Year ago I had bitcoin in a wallet since At the end of I sent my bitcoin to an exchange. Can I still claim the BCH? Would I have to send it back? Initial D 3 years ago Crypto Currency if you had for example less than 1 btc, do you also get bch for it?

There is no expiration time on claiming your Bitcoin Cash. Follow these steps: 1 Check the Bitcoin address by searching for it on the Bitcoin cash block explorer - bitinfocharts. Thanks for this! Is it also possible and save to use another BCH wallet like electron cash? The advantage is that you do not have to download the blockchain and wait for 40 hours.

Can you tell more about the difference? Good video. Nice tutorial, thanks. Thank you. Crypto Currency 4 years ago Tony Mak great, thanks Tony! Can I claim bch too or this works only for the ones who had BTCs before august 1st? Thanks a lot. Hi, thanks for this video! I have a question: can you import multiple private keys from a multisig address of a paper wallet to redeem BCH from such wallet? Tomasz Kaczorowski 4 years ago Actually, it is a single address of P2PSH type beginning with "3" , it needs multiple keys and a redeem script to unlock funds.

Yes, it had a balance at the time of the fork. Crypto Currency 4 years ago Thanks man. Yes, you can. Thanks for the great information. Can you do this offline? I have my bitcoins on cold storage and I have a philosophy of not letting my private keys touch the internet. Can this be done exactly offline?

Would really appreciate the help big time. Crypto Currency 4 years ago Paul Goodchild will be 10 minutes, should be plenty of time to execute the console commands. And then it can relock while rescanning no problem.

Awesome and thank you!! I've been needing this. I need to figure it out for Exodus. I suppose it's basically the same process once I've figured out where my keys are in Exodus Hey man, thanks for the video. I'm confused about the process. Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

No don't move them, just export your private keys and then follow the importing process into the Bitcoin ABC wallet as shown. Hi - thanks for the video, it's really helpful. Sorry if that's a stupid question, I'm quite new to this :. Crypto Currency 4 years ago that's a good question and yes you can import your private key from your paper wallet directly into the BCC ABC wallet.

Hey, thanks for sharing this. Just wondering how much available storage space I'll need on my mac to download and sync the blockchain in section 2? Note though, that after you import your private key and claim your Bitcoin Cash you can send it to an exchange and delete it off of your computer if you don't plan on using the desktop wallet anymore. That will allow you to free up that space.

Thank you very much for this great tutorial, do i need to have some basic amount of bitcoin in order to recieve one BCC Followed the steps, though when i am importing private key, it is just giving me "null" and not rescanning.

Any idea why? Very nice video.. I could find electrum-private-keys. I have Imac not Windows. I had my bitcoin in Armory at the time of the BCH split but have sinced moved them to another Wallet. ZoneKemlo 4 years ago Thanks once again CC, your information is priceless to a crypto dunce such as me. I thought that you needed to run Bitcoin Core for the Armory Wallet to work?

Crypto Currency 4 years ago You don't really need a second computer. If you don't have space on your primary computer you could get a cheap external drive to hold the large blockchain data in the Bitcoin ABC download. I will caveat that to say that if you are running a Bitcoin Core QT wallet I'd probably recommend a second computer because the Bitcoin ABC bitcoin cash wallet uses the Bitcoin appdata folder so if it were already in use by your legacy BTC core wallet that could cause an issue unless you specifically chose a separate folder for the Bitcoin Cash ABC wallet to use.

ZoneKemlo 4 years ago Thank you very much CC! I will be getting a second PC in the new year so I will wait until then and try. Crypto Currency 4 years ago Kevin Smith thanks! Hi CC, i have a quick question i was holding bitcoin in my bread wallet on my mobile device then after the fork i sent this bitcoin to an exchange bitfinex and another wallet exodus to a bitcoin address, am i still able to claim the bitcoin cash as i was unaware it had to be sent to a BCH address or is it lost forever?

Thanks for video, I have a query though. I've transferred my bitcoins from mycelium ios wallet to electrum. I followed your steps and input my private key from electrum to bitcoin abc. However, I have no balance showing up.

Did my BCC somehow get lost when transferring to electrum or is it still contained in mycelium? Please read the notes under the video. I did that because the video was made prior to the fork. In your case, all you have to do is export your private key from your original btc address and import that into the Bitcoin ABC bitcoin cash wallet as shown. Excellent video and very informative.

I never bought any Bitcoins before. You can just buy it though on Kraken, Bittrex and other exchanges. Crypto Currency 4 years ago Pacific Tint glad to hear that! So do you use the same private key work on a bitcoin wallet and bitcoincash wallet? It'll transfer one without effecting the other? Hi mate, mine worked to import into ABC wallet, but i tried my wife's private key and it didn't work..

I followed the same steps Can you import the extended private key? If we are watching this video from , do we have to use the version that you used on ABC bitcoin or do we use our latest version? Thank you for this awesome video. One question though I downloaded Electrum but do not have an address that starts with 1K Should I have this?

I have one that starts 1K Crypto Currency 4 years ago Toni Hankinson hi Toni, always glad to help. You don't need to use Electrum at all. To export it, go to Create Backup and then select «Export» from the pop-up menu. Message me if you run into further issues. Toni Hankinson 4 years ago Hi and sorry again for the follow-up question. My Bitcoin was held in a Mycelium wallet which does not recognize the Bitcoin Cash.

I set up the Electrum wallet after the fork. When I set up the Electrum wallet, it gave me a list of 26 different addresses and private keys. It is my understanding that I will need to send all of my Mycelium Bitcoin into my new Electrum wallet in order for Electrum to recognize it. When I open up my new Electrum wallet it immediately opens up to a "Receive" tab with my receiving address. In comparing my Electrum "receiving address" to the list of 26 addresses I downloaded, I can see that it is the 7th one down on the list of 26 Electrum addresses.

Is this the one I need to use? Sorry again for the follow-up question, I'm not a techie. That was my address, everybody's address will be different. Let me know if you run into any issues or send me your skype and I can try to help you more that way. Sir thanks a lot for this video. Is it ok to change my Electrum wallet password first before importing them to BitcoinABC for security?

Your private key does not bring over your password from your old wallet. You have to manually encrypt your new BCH wallet with a pw you choose. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Crypto Currency 4 years ago Arzob Cossio Omonte yes you get Bitcoin Cash on a 1 to 1 ratio for every Bitcoin you held at the time of the fork. I have a question that ask to you.

Before entering the private key to new BCC wallet for synchronization, Do we need to withdraw the entire bitcoin funds from the bitcoin wallet eq wallet A to a new bitcoin wallet eq wallet B? Life Tv 4 years ago so, you say that if we do it as you do, it won't be problem. Ok thanks. You just have to export your private keys and then import them into the Bitcoin ABC wallet as shown. Robert Berman 4 years ago thanks; that's a great idea. Robert Berman 4 years ago I just did my first send to your posted address.

Did you get it and the note I included with it? Crypto Currency 4 years ago Glad to help Robert. These services typically do not recycle addresses. However, as a tip - before you ever use one you can check it on the BTC Block Explorer to make sure it's a virgin address. Robert Berman 4 years ago thank you; you significantly added to my comfort level with cryptos. The support guy at Kraken said I was out of luck! By the way, 1 more question: How can I be sure I don't use an already used private key when I use bitaddress.

Does bitaddress. Or, does it just rely on the odds of tripping on an already used key are close to 0? Thanks again. I'll be sending a donation to the address you posted. If it has a balance, import the private key that corresponds to that address 2 The importprivkey will link your address into your Bitcoin Cash wallet, which will populate your Bitcoin Cash balance so you can access those coins, there's no transfer per se until you actually send them somewhere else like an exchange to sell them.

Hi Mate, thanks for that! As I need to claim my wifes also. Simon Sayz 4 years ago legend! Crypto Currency 4 years ago Simon Sayz yes you can import multiple private keys into the Bitcoin ABC qt wallet - just repeat the process shown. What if I owned a bitcoin before the fork but I transferred them last year So from October until today my balance is just 0.

Would I still get bcc? So basically I had bitcoin before fork but I don't understand if it should still be on my wallet? Hello, thanks for the video I followed your instructions and got nothing Is there a cut-off time? Thanks anyway Bobbi Starr 4 years ago Ok, thanks again but Im still having difficulty?? Bobbi Starr 4 years ago Another "oh wow" moment So obviously I don't know how to see what the address is on my Core-Client?!?! It seems I don't know much about wallets even though I have been hodling since !!!

So how do I get the address for my 80 BTC I think I'll be good on the next attempt! Thanks again,. Crypto Currency 4 years ago Bobbi Starr check your btc address on the bitcoin cash block explorer and see if it matches the balance of BCH that was imported in or if there is some actually still missing and I can try to troubleshoot further.

Bobbi Starr 4 years ago Ok, sorry I read your extra info I imported privkey, it was searching and it must have found the wallet because it did list some of the early transactions but the ABC wallet didn't pull all the transactions through, it stopped with some transactions Did I not unlock the wallet for long enough?

I used which is 40 minutes I can't even remember seven digits in a row. I think the instructions are going to get lost in my head. Thanks though, it really was a great presentation. Crypto Currency 4 years ago Thanks I appreciate that. If you can clear up enough space to run your process and then send your BCH out to an exchange you can delete the program and reclaim that space. Hi mate, Thanks for the detailed video! For some reason, the current receiving address in my electrum wallet, is different from the one I used to send my BTC from coinbase.

Not sure why. I can still see my BTC inside electrum, but when I do the steps with the current receiving address and the ABC wallet, the balance is 0 as a result. Any ideas? I'm new to this and not sure what's going on. Thanks a lot! Does electrum generate a new public address every time there's a transaction? Because I can see the BTC inside electrum, I can see this "old" address, which corresponds to the one I see in coinbase history, but the address at the receive tab inside electrum is a new one.

Then take that address and check the balance on the bitinfocharts Bitcoin Cash block explorer. Do you see a BCH balance? If so, you'll have to wait for them to add BCH support and provide you the Bitcoin cash. I think they said that is happening in January. A great video - and thanks for doing this.. I think you are the ONLY one I could find after some hours searching that actually mentions Armory or even does a step by step guide.

I now know how to export the keys.. Is one line equivalent to one address? My ONE bitcoin address is not listed nicely next to its private key as in your Electron example. Do I therefore paste in the block or have to do one line by one line until i find which line pertains to my BTC address? I spent all my BTC in september.. I assume this does not affect the existence of my BCC on the chain? I guess the wallet can be no longer used for claiming BCH, or am I wrong?

Can you download the Electreum wallet on the same laptop as your existing wallet? Remember to turn off windows sleep mode when downloading the bitcoin-cash blockchain. Bitcoin ABC really needs to be doing this when downloading, but doesn't. Well, I'm here to thank you for this video, nevertheless I have to point out something: right now, mid August I find really much simplier using Coinomi to import the PrivKeys, accessing the bcc balance immediately, no sync need unlike Bitcoin ABC wallet.

Cheers from Argentina. Maybe i send my balance to Copay. I am a BTC core user since , but it is annoying the waiting so I prefer to switch to another safe but fast to use wallet desktop and mobile. Due to the fact that cryptocurrencies functions more like a "yes or no" kind of trade mechanism, there is a tendency among inexperienced traders to trade it like a poker game or like they would do in the slot machines of Vegas.

Check the block explorer to find the right address and import that private key which has a confirmed BCH balance. Thanks, just wondered if you have to download the large bitcoin abc file as the BCC wallet? My laptop doesn't have much space left. Ben 4 years ago Hey, it finally downloaded then I imported my private key i think the right one it was an xprivkey that I decrypted in a website and it came up with transactions for 0.

Not sure why this is really. I have not got an electrum wallet copay wallet so all I can think is that I got the wrong private key. I'm expecting around 1. Ben 4 years ago Ok thanks! Crypto Currency 4 years ago yes the blockchain has to sync fully for your BCH balance to show properly and to be able to send it out to an exchange, etc.

I heard mixed reports on other BCH wallets so I'd stick with this which we know works. Crypto Currency 4 years ago Frank Ficadenti If you have the private key for your paper wallet you can import that straight into the Bitcoin Cash wallet as shown. If you only have a passphrase for your paper wallet, Download the Electrum wallet as shown and then when prompted to create new wallet select the option to do so from your passphrase.

Once you have done that, then follow the steps shown to export your private keys as shown in the vid, open the file and find the exact private key that corresponds to the BTC address you imported from your paper wallet and then take that key and import it to the Bitcoin ABC bitcoin cash wallet. Let me know if you run into further issues. If I have already used Bitcoin Core and have the blockchain already, do I have to download the GB data of the blockchain?

Is it also possible to use the root key instead of the private key? Strange enough he won't show me the private key plain Base58 in Armory. Crypto Currency 4 years ago Thanks JB, glad to help! I have the private keys. Hi Sir, when I importprivkey I receive in the debug window "null"The pivatekay is originated from a paper wallet with balance on Aug 1, Do you know whats wrong?

Great work Crypto Currency Been looking for a trustworthy solution for months Claus Bergmann Gether 4 years ago Ok. Thanks a lot Crypto Currency. I will just skip the Bitcoin Gold for now. Thanks for the advice I have heard of some phishing scams saying you can redeem your BTG by inputting your address and private keys, etc.

Just sit tight and once the development team squares away the wallet we should have a process to repeat for claiming the BTG and I'll do a video on that as well. Crypto Currency 4 years ago Sandra Sterkel Flack yes you will still have access. When running Bitcore for Bitcoin, it shows correctly the following transaction: 86dbdf37a27da0bddaebd53bddfb54a8a.

Should you be advertising this as being robust? Massive on-chain scaling is also false advertising unless Bitcoin ABC has solved the holy grail of scaling. While nodes are already banning each other nicely, it would be much nicer to change the abc network magic to something else sooner rather than later. Hello, I synced the blockchain with bitcoin core until the early morning of 1 august, so few hours before the fork of bitcoinabc.

I installed bitcoinabc then and using the same datafolder i continued the sync. With a stable hash rate stable referring to amount of hash power such that blocks are mined in 2 weeks , miners can wait for some periods of 12 hours and then mine. Assuming stable hash rate, some basic calculations I did showed that it is possible mine blocks in 6. I think such a faster rate of coin generation is problematic as it would lead to faster halving less than 2 years , which leads to faster rise of transaction fees.

This leads to the very problem for which bitcoin cash was created to solve. Furthermore, faster generation of coins will also lead faster into unexplored lands of comparable transaction fees overcome block reward incentive. Miners are also not necessarily bound to Bitcoin Cash, since they have main bitcoin to fall back on. I intended this for a mailing list discussion, but I can't seem to references to it in bitcoinabc.

But transaction is rejected by the network. Illegal use of sighash type So, anything in particular to do in order to migrate besides installing Bitcoin ABC and running it? After the HF it's quite possible there will not be enough mining hash power behind bitcoin ABC to ensure it's survival.

For this reason I suggest a difficulty reset system in the same light as testnet, until after the first proper difficulty reset period. Or something like that? I suggest to change the address version to something different, so it is obvious the address is a Bitcoin Cash address. It can start with C for example. Don't forget to change also address version for P2SH! But often it happens that the client nodes do fall behind and never ever again sync to the current block height of proxy.

I have forked the original bips repo and refactored it as followed:. Obviously, they can be resubmitted if need be. The bips I removed for various reasons are: 2 10 12 15 17 18 19 20 33 36 40 41 42 43 62 68 74 75 I won't go into my reasoning for each here, it should be self evident, and of course they can be readded if I removed in error.

I'm volunteering to be the BCIPs editor for now if that works for people, but no new bcips would be added before discussion and agreement, as in the bip process. Alot of this is going to be copypasta from reddit but I tried to be concise. I should also mention that I notice a block hasn't been found since shortly after I did this at but I'm going to hope that correlation!

Regardless, I still think this is a pretty major issue as it causes bitcoins and poss BCC to be sent to unrecoverable addresses and seemed to break my abc client. I close my bitcoin core I create a BCC deposit address on bittrex.

I send. I wait for it to broadcast Now showing as not in mempool, no confs. I check tradeblock and blockchair and lo and behold: It's showing on bitcoin chain but not BCC. Good thing I don't control that address on the bitcoin chain ell oh ell.

I saw the "attempting to spend btc that are affected by not-yet-displayed txs will not be accepted" but fail to see the relevance as these are from inputs "already displayed"a few weeks old that is. What the hell happened here? Is this client still so alpha that something as basic as sendrawtransaction is still propagated through the bitcoin chain?

I'm not asking rhetorically or trying to be flippant hereI'd really like to know how this can be. I downloaded the binary but am unable to run bitcoin-cli on my ubuntu Is there a qt version? Upon starting bitcoin abc the menu bar is accessible however after it is minimized to the task bar then restored, the menu bar does not appear again until bitcoin abc is restarted. The menu bar should be available after restoring the bitcoin abc wallet after it was minimized.

The menu bar disappears and is not accessible after restoring a minimized bitcoin abc wallet. Menu bar immediately after startup -. Menu bar after minimizing and restoring -. My mouse cursor is hovering in the menu bar in both instances.

Upon the screen capture, the mouse cursor is hidden. I don't see anything out of the ordinary in debug. Most if not all of the menu bar is alternatively available from the dropdown menu from the bitcoin abc icon in the task bar. Signaling for the null dummy soft fork is done by signaling support for segwit, and the null dummy soft fork will activate at the same time as segwit. I do not know about a technical justification for placing this on the same bit 1 as SegWit, but if there isn't, and if this feature is able to offer benefit independent of SegWit, then I would suggest not removing it from ABC, but allocating a separate activation bit for it.

A cursory glance of bitcoinabc. The closest thing resembling it are the release yaml files minus the signatures. It easy to reproduce just run command getblockchaininfo from console. And notice even though node is fully synced verificationprogress will report values little below 1. I executed a comparison run on the same system with Bitcoin Core 0. Client was at block height and received newest block , then logs error and RPC calls like getbalance fail.

I need a testnet for bitcoin-abc or Bitcoin Cash with big block activated. We are sending Bitcoin Cash in batches and on at least one occurrence, the transaction ID that was recorded is different from what BlockDozer reports. At the time of the send, the server returned transaction ID 47dfe1ceacb05c57adeefbdd4af8a8abfbc - which is what I recorded in my DB and I can query from the command line gettransaction. However Blockdozer cannot find this Transaction ID, but by looking at the recipient address, I found that the transaction was broadcasted using a different Transaction ID: a4fe0a6feb00ad7ed9c99ecada28aaecd Bitcoin ABC v0.

The 'getdifficulty' RPC command does not seem to return the correct difficulty. It looks like it's not taking into account the new difficulty retargetting rules. It still currently reads ' The client node is rejecting TX it requested from proxy with error was not accepted: non-final code The proxy node receives this reject but seems not to understand reject since it logs Unknown command "reject".

There seems to be a protocol mismatch between both bitcoin-abc nodes because right after that the client raises misbehaving level for the proxy node and finally when misbehaving level for it's only connection to the bitcoin-abc network node proxy reaches it drops the connection. ABC claims to have replay protection but it seems to go out of its way to not have replay protection. You could have very strong replay protection with roughly a single line code change: simply require all transactions after the point where you fork off bitcoin to have a negative version number.

If you don't have the resources to implement this-- or something like it-- right now, I'm sure I can talk someone into doing it for you. A failure to do this will cause severe monetary losses in the event that this new asset you're issuing becomes worth anything and these losses are avoidable with the most minimal of considerations on your part. The current comment on the new difficulty adjustment does not reflect how the code works.

GetMedianTimePast takes the median time for the last 11 blocks. An accurate comment would be. Blocks and were more than 12 hours apart and there was no difficulty retarget. I had to rebuild the chain index and then rescan the wallet. Started out from my bitcoin core's data dir, but had to zap a few block files as it moved past fork date already.

This version is failing to build under Arch Linux. Previously I was able to build in this same environment. Line in ec. The modified difficulty adjustment code in pow. As the last 6 blocks were on the original chain, they were fast, and the difficulty would therefore not adjust unless at least one other block is found first. For example on travis, on the latest run, I see. Not sure if this accounted for, but what if some mischievous actor mines a block directly after the mandatory large block that is 'back in time' so that the second block occurs before the trigger date.

Would another large block then be required? I'm trying to set up Bitcoin-abc wallet on my Ubuntu After a full sync I'm receiving this message: Warning: We do not appear to fully agree with our peers! You may need to upgrade, or other nodes may need to upgrade.

I've tried to reload the wallet several times, the message disappears till the new block is mined. The URI scheme bitcoin: is used on the Bitcoin blockchain and makes it easy to accidentally send coins on the wrong blockchain. I just sent my Bitcoins to a Bitcoin Cash wallet by mistake, did i lost my coins?

Bitcoin abc sent btc to bcc deposit bitcoin on bittrex

How to safely Split BitcoinABC (BCH Fork 2020) - Ultimate Guide: BCH/BCHA

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