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how to create anonymous bitcoin wallet › top-anonymous-cryptocurrency-wallets-to-look. Best Anonymous Crypto Wallet [ Updated] · #1. Ledger Nano X [Recommended · #2. Ledger Nano S [Secure Hardware Wallet] · #3. Samourai Wallet . Advice on creating an anonymous bitcoin wallet: There are many ways to do it, but we're going to use two favored tools for creating a genuinely anonymous. CRYPTO COIN UMC

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin wallet. That means it does not rely on its own copy of the Blockchain the immutable record of all Bitcoin transactions that ever took place , but instead relies on several other nodes. A screenshot of the lightweight Bitcoin wallet Electrum. You can enter it into a Blockexplorer like Blockcypher many more exist to see its balance and all transactions associated with it.

Create a new wallet by opening Electrum. You will see 13 English words, which represent your wallet seed. This seed is more than just a password to your wallet. Anybody who has this seed can take your Bitcoins, so be careful about where you store these words.

To store your wallet seed words safely, you can create a new entry in your KeePassX database and paste them into the comment field, or you can write them on a piece of paper and lock it away. Either way, do not save it in a text file anywhere on an unencrypted drive. Press proceed and enter your wallet seed into the next window, then choose a password, ideally by creating one with KeePassX. You will need this password every time you make a transaction.

You can now receive and make Bitcoin payments. You can set up multiple wallets for your identity. You can create a new wallet for a single transaction if you so wish. Having separate wallets makes it easier to keep funds separate for accounting or privacy purposes.

Pidgin is a chat program. As anonymous email accounts are hard to come by, it might be easier to chat with your contacts using this tool. There are many public XMPP servers. Here is a comprehensive guide to anonymous chatting. We chose the server provided by the privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo. Pick a username, enter dukgo. Close the window and connect to enable the new chat account in Pidgin. You may be prompted again to enter your username and password. Use KeePassX to create a secure and unique password.

Add a new pidgin chat account is simple as a round of duck duck goose. Your username dukgo. You will need to approve all your contacts individually before you can initiate a conversation with them. Note: Even though username dukgo. To chat securely, you need to use OTR encryption.

The easiest way to reliably verify your contacts is to exchange fingerprints outside the chat, which you can see under Manual authentication. To share your fingerprint with other individuals, you can paste it into the signature on a message board, or publish it on your website.

The trickiest part of a secure and yet private backup process is to back up the PGP Key. The more effort you undertake to lock your key away, the less accessible the key becomes to you in case you need it. Load the key onto a USB stick and leave the stick with your family, friends, or a lawyer. You can also make more than one copy of the backup if you fear your first copy could get damaged or lost. If your password is long enough more than 25 characters , it should not be possible for anybody to read your communications or access your backups even in case they get a hold of the key, because the key is still encrypted with your password.

We highly recommend making regular backups of the documents that you cannot afford to lose, as well as your KeePassX password database and Bitcoin wallets. Select all the files and folders that you want to back up.

Right-click the selection and select Encrypt. A window will ask you which keys you want to encrypt your selection with. Select only your own PGP key. Do not tick the sign option unless you want it to be verifiable that this backup was made by you. If you selected multiple files, you will be asked how you want them packaged.

We recommend encrypting them packed together because this leaves the least metadata and creates one single file that will be easy to keep track of, instead of multiple small files. The process might take a while. When it comes time to decrypt the file, just double-click on the. It is wise to test this process out before you rely on it for restoring your backups. Repeat steps 1 to 8 for each of the identities that you have. You should have a separate USB stick with Tails for each pseudonym, company, activity that you control and want to keep separate.

No matter how you acquire Bitcoins, it will likely not be anonymous. This section highlights a few options for acquiring Bitcoins that are relatively private, or at least not overwhelmingly invasive. To increase your privacy, do not carry devices with you that have SIM cards in them, and never log your location with GPS. The best place to meet traders in person is in a busy but not crowded place that offers free Wi-Fi. Public libraries or cafes are great venues for these appointments.

Both parties should allow enough time to wait for at least one confirmation of the Bitcoin transaction. Enter the address into the search field on Blockcypher or any other Blockchain explorer and watch as the transaction comes in and confirms.

Bitcoin ATMs are common in some countries but rare in others. Each machine differs in how it handles your personal information. Some might not ask for anything other than your Bitcoin address and cash, while others might want your phone number, fingerprint or passport. Just try the machine out with a small amount. If there is video surveillance at the Bitcoin ATM, you might not be able to hide from it.

Even still, showing up at a Bitcoin ATM with a ski mask would make you look too suspicious, no matter how much you value your privacy. The bitcoins you accept will not be anonymous, either, since there might be a record somewhere that they were paid to you, but they are likely already more difficult to link to you for a passive observer than the bitcoins you buy at an exchange, where records are kept in detail and made available to several parties.

Mining Bitcoin is not profitable for hobbyists, but if you need a steady flow of Bitcoin and have access to cheap electricity and free cold air, along with excess capital lying around, it can be an interesting alternative for acquiring bitcoins. To mine Bitcoin, get yourself a Bitcoin mining machine, paid with cash or credit card, plug it in, point it to a mining pool, and watch the earnings come in daily.

Be aware, though: You are making an immense bet on the Bitcoin network, and there are many ways you might lose your investment. Make sure to read a lot about this topic before you start! Every time you move funds between your identities, you will need to obfuscate them. There are many ways to do that, many of which are described in our comprehensive guide on protecting your financial privacy with Bitcoin. Grams, the makers of Helix, is trying to be the Google of the dark web by indexing dark websites, building reviews, and allowing users to mix and tumble their coins.

Using Helix requires a membership, but you can use Helix Light without a membership. You can add a random delay which might be a few hours and ask for more layers of transactions to make your payment more anonymous. The fee per transaction is 2. If you are a member, Grams allows you to use the regular Helix service, which supposedly differs from Helix Light by handing you coins that have never been used on a dark market before.

The same goes for your mixer account. Now for the crucial step: mixing your bitcoin. Update: Helix by Grams has shut down. We now recommend BitBlender or CoinMixer. There are many forged duplicates out there looking to scam unsuspecting novices, including a rather infamous one run by Darknetmarkets , whose mixing tutorial is ranked among the top on Google.

Open a new tab in Tor Browser and go to the BitBlender onion site. Enter the addresses of your third mixer wallet that we created in the previous section, each address on its own line without punctuation. If you want to make your transactions, you can enter a minimum and maximum delay. Then click the Create a new Quick Mix button. On the next page, jot down your Quick Mix ID into a secure location, such as an encrypted note.

Copy and paste the text into your note as well. This will come in handy if something goes wrong and you need support from the folks who run the blender. Click the back button to return to the Quick Mix status page. Note that the minimum withdrawal amount as of time of writing is 0. The network fee varies, and the mixer charges a randomized fee between one and three percent.

BitBlender will wait for the initial transaction to be confirmed several times on the blockchain before it processes your mix. Once it begins, how long it takes depends on whether you added the time delay. You might have noticed that the addresses in our screenshots do not always match up.

We took screenshots over multiple mixes, so please ignore that. Once the process is complete, the bitcoin should arrive in your mixer wallet. Log into it with your wallet ID, and verify the login using the Mailinator email you used to create the Blockchain. Make sure that whenever you access this wallet in the future, you do so using the Tor browser. It would be a shame to go through all the cost and trouble of mixing bitcoin only to ruin your own anonymity by providing a real IP address or browser fingerprint.

In the past, some users recommended using Blockchain. This free tool has since been removed, and none has risen to replace it. In any case, just make sure none of the intermediary wallet addresses that you sent bitcoin from are identical to the mixer wallet addresses you received it at. The tutorial above includes the minimum number of precautions anyone should take when mixing bitcoin. But if you want to maximize privacy, here are a few more tips you can take:. You have a surplus of third-party tumblers to choose from when mixing bitcoin, but performing due diligence is always necessary.

Always triple check your onion URL from multiple reliable sources. The more users a mixing service has, the more likely your bitcoins will get mixed well and quickly. This service recently closed down, so be on the lookout for impersonators.

Also do not use the links from Darknetmarkets[dot]org, which are phishing scams that will steal your bitcoin. We recommend against using conjoined mixing services offered by your wallet or exchange, such as Blockchain. These will not adequately cover your tracks. There is no law against tumbling bitcoins. You can use the mixed bitcoins to make an anonymous purchase for something, such as a VPN service that accepts bitcoin.

Be aware, however, that this process is frequently used by criminals seeking to either launder real money or to anonymously purchase illicit goods on DarkNet marketplaces. It goes without saying that such practices are still illegal. For these reasons, bitcoin mixing can draw the wrong kind of attention, even for law abiding citizens. Different mixers take different amounts, but be wary of anything that looks too good to be true.

Some take a small but random percentage to make their transactions more difficult to trace. I started by sending 0. Of the amount I started out with, I ended up with 0. Update: Because the amended the article uses BitBlender instead of the now-defunct Helix, the numbers you see in some screenshots will not reflect these figures.

If you can afford to wait, hang tight until traffic on the network dies down and fees fall. Bitcoin transaction fees vary depending on the amount of traffic on the network and the exchange you use to fund the wallet. Make sure you send the minimum amount required by the mixer including fees, or else your money will be considered a donation.

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Here are a few legal examples: To make an anonymous purchase, such as a VPN subscription, without giving up identifying payment details or allowing ecommerce companies to sell your purchase history to advertising networks To make an anonymous donation, such as to a charity, nonprofit, or person in need Hiding money in an account during economic turmoil when assets are in danger of being seized by a corrupt government, such as the current situation in Venezuela If you unknowingly receive bitcoins that have been tainted, mixing them can make the bitcoin usable again.

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