How to speed up bitcoin transaction

how to speed up bitcoin transaction

BitAccelerate is a free Bitcoin transaction accelerator that allows you to get faster confirmations on your unconfirmed transactions. ZenGo is the only wallet that will allow you to reverse or speed up a transaction on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and the supported ERC How to Speed Up Bitcoin Transaction? There are three ways to independently solve the bitcoin unconfirmed transaction problem, but note that. LAATSTE CRYPTO NIEUWS

Is there anything more stressful than sending a transaction on the blockchain and having to wait for the final confirmation that it arrived? Did I enter the correct address? Will it arrive on time? Will it arrive at all? Did I pay enough fees for it to arrive? How many confirmations will be required for it to show final? Unlike what we know of the traditional world of centralized finance — where anything can be reversed at any time- sending a crypto transaction on chain with a decentralized service is an irreversible adventure where you, the user, are alone, relying on your own knowledge and patience.

A sent transaction, is a sent transaction. At least until today. Now you can now a transaction, or speed it up when you desire. You can change your mind. This extra peace of mind is material. You can reverse a transaction that was sent to the wrong address or accelerate a critical transaction that must arrive fast All with 1 single tap.

We are using a technique called RBF replace by fee that will make it happen. This method allows you to modify the state of a transaction after it was sent by paying an extra fee to the blockchain miners network, not ZenGo. We have not invented this part of the code, which is core to many blockchains, but we made it radically simpler to use across the board. This functionality will be available across all the major services we provide in ZenGo sending, saving, trading and certainly with the simplest implementation.

The only condition: you need to do this before your transaction hits the first confirmation on the blockchain. You will now be introduced to a new native transaction view with rich, crisp information on the status of the transaction. You will no longer be sent directly to a blockchain explorer view, which may be overwhelming and confusing you can still access it further down if you need to.

Tap on it, agree to pay the extra fee to the network and not to ZenGo — we do not charge anything for this , and watch the magic happen allow some time for the blockchain to process. When the Bitcoin network is under heavy load by users the 1MB block size limit set by the protocol leads to longer waiting times. So you are basically waiting for your transaction to be included in the 1MB block to be confirmed. Meanwhile the miners usually only include the transactions with the highest transaction fees.

This results in thousands of delayed transactions. When the Bitcoin network has a surge in transactions this can lead to extremely slow confirmation times. This could also lead to loss of profits during time sensitive trades. It's always recommended to use a higher miner fee when sending your Bitcoin but sometimes the slow transaction times can be unexpected and frustrating. Next time try using a Bitcoin fee chart before transferring.

By sending your Bitcoin using the current average fee this will greatly improve your chances of getting a fast confirmation. Privacy statement: Bitcoin Jumper creators assure that they respect your privacy. There are no logs or cookies on the platform. Premium Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator. What is Bitcoin Jumper? How does your Bitcoin transaction accelerator work?

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how to speed up bitcoin transaction

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