Is bitcoin crashing again

is bitcoin crashing again

Why is crypto crashing? Crypto's price moves can be affected by many factors, including interest rates, inflation and other macroeconomic factors that can. As many have pointed out over recent weeks, the big reason why cryptos like Bitcoin are falling alongside tech stocks, experts argue, is the. Crypto news and prices of BTC, Ethereum, Solana as Russia invades Ukraine Shiba Inu coin price drops again in cryptocurrency crash - what Shiba Inu coin. CRYPTO MINING ON AN IMAC 27

At the time, it was almost exclusively men who invested, said the year-old: "Women unfortunately didn't dare. Spiess didn't want to reveal exactly how much she has in her account, but it's so much that Spiess can choose what she wants to do for a living, she said.

The company is aimed at women and aims to teach them how to use crypto, what blockchain is, and how Bitcoin and Ethereum work. She sees herself more as a "door opener" into the crypto world. As the child of a single mother, she learned early on the importance of taking care of financial issues herself, Spiess said. Women need to take more responsibility for their finances in order to live "as self-determined a life as possible," she said.

But events in the "real world" also have an impact on the crypto market, she said. More and more institutional investors are coming into the market, Spiess said. And they provide a "certain amount" of stability, she added. According to Spiess, it's far from too late to invest in crypto. In her opinion, things are just getting started, but no one can say where bitcoin will be in a year. Still, she's convinced that bitcoin will be very successful for "quite a while" in the long run.

But that's not all. There are other, much more exciting projects like the blockchain platform Solana, she explained. Her advice to investors is to only invest in coins or tokens that have a meaningful use. In other words, no fun coins like the Shiba Inu Coin. This is the only way to invest sensibly in the long term, said the crypto expert. On Sept. The drawdowns in early come as the crypto market has been bracing for action from the U.

As monetary policymakers firm up their plans to slow inflation, the Biden administration is also reportedly set to unveil a broad strategy for how to handle digital assets. Developments like these are a reminder that cryptocurrency remains a relatively new technology whose full effects on the worldwide economy are not yet clear. Crypto prices are volatile, and unanticipated events can send prices downward.

Instead, he suggests considering a common strategy from investing in stock markets: dollar-cost averaging. Personal finance experts often say that any single asset, be it a specific coin or company's stock or something else, should only be the sprinkling atop the parfait of an otherwise vanilla portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds that mean to help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

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Anyway, here is BTC with a moving day average, which is the long-term indicator many watch. They also tell you after the event that things are bearish. Now the moving average says the market is moving up on average and only gives a sell hugely below the high. In volatile markets this is a chronic problem. The recent sharp rise and fall is pure noise:.

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