Hitman network bitcoins

hitman network bitcoins

“Hitman Network” is a site that hires out three hitmen who are willing to kill anyone who isn't under 16 or a major politician (nice morals. Mind you, there are several ways to obfuscate transactions even in the bitcoin network. and there are also privacy focused blockchains to whitewash money. Assassination Market isn't the first online service to suggest funding murder with bitcoins. Other Tor-hidden websites with names like Quick. 1 BTC TO USD LIVE

People do this with Twitter too. I forget the name but there's an entire service for caching changes to your Twitter bio. Reddit and Twitter aren't selling data to those people. It's an open API. You're talking about public info, that people posted on public forums.

Is anyone surprised that that info would be public? We may be talking about different things, but to me "all of the internet" means much more than public data and public forums. I think it's reasonable for the average internet user to expect that some creep isn't archiving the whole internet.

Public or not. We are indeed talking about the same thing, you are just denying that it's a problem. I'm saying that "all of the internet" is more than the public internet. You seem to be saying the opposite, especially since you said "archiving the whole internet" which implies that any one entity has that sort of access. You say "Public or not" as if that does not make a difference, but there is a huge chasm between the privacy you can and reasonably should expect depending on it.

I think privacy is something we should strive for, but I think that when something is said publically on a globally broadcasted medium people cannot reasonably have an expectation of privacy. The problem with privacy in my mind is when there can reasonably be an expectation of privacy but that isn't met.

If I tweet something it's clear that's public. If I DM someone that should be private. Why is it reasonable to not expect that there would be someone saving public data? Do you think that's the first time they've accepted information that is meant to be private? Facebook had created puppet profiles from people's contact information and made them public, notoriously.

Like, at what point would you like to accept that GPs statement is not hyperbole? Would all information that was private need to go public? By then I'd say it is too late. This is a rather silly argument where you try to draw some line in online services that has been willfully greyed by the people who create these platforms for their own benefit.

If you want to call GP a privacy fatalist, then I'll just call you a privacy denialist and leave it there. I strongly believe that privacy is important, but I also think that it is important for people to have clear expectations of when they can expect it. Is it so absurd to say that if I post stuff publically I cannot expect it to be private and if I post stuff privately I should absolutely be able to depend on it to be private?

I think your example of parler is an example of a service that was not adequately secured to protect it's private communications and the facebook example is clearly unethical and just one of the reasons I don't use the service. It's not privacy fatalism. I'm referring to the public internet, which is now mined and stored as input for AIs, if nothing else.

We can only speculate that data breaches will be used for such purposes eventually too. The best you can get is E2EE communications. I find it ironic someone commenting on a text based public forum would argue this. We may be talking about different things, but to me "all of the internet" means much, much more than the public internet. There are quite a lot of steps between public data and E2EE.

I don't have any expectation of privacy here and know what I'm saying is public. Maybe my grandchildren will somehow have better luck than I did. I'd like to get copies of my old posts, but gave up on that years ago. I did manage to track down the owner of one of the forums, but he had no backups. Is this why we've successfully caught every single ransomware operation transacting in crypto?

To be fair, you have to look at the enormous number of ransomware operators that are conducting their business in fiat I suppose that there aren't very many of them. Perhaps cryptocurrencies do make some forms of criminal enterprises much easier to operate. I'm willing to accept that 'Hitman for hire' might not be one of them, though - mostly because you need a local presence, at which point, taking payment in cash has a number of advantages.

It would be quite difficult to operate a ransomware operation out of, say, Belarus if you expected your victims to pay by posting you envelopes stuffed with cash. You still need to be local to perform the assassination, but the time and location are still vague. It's basically "somewhere the person will be at some point in the future". Makes it a lot harder to stage a sting because you can't have people set up everywhere that person will be at all times. We're also not terribly far away from remote assassinations being possible.

There was an assassination in Iran that allegedly used a computer to control a machine gun to kill someone. Combine that with a self-driving car, or a remotely operated car, and you've got a hitman mobile. Or the cheap and low-tech route, strapping explosives to drones. The cartels have already started using them, so it's not improbable that you could pilot one across the world. Pay the cartel to set up a drone and give you the credentials to control it and you don't even have to leave your home.

I don't think that's really true. At the scale of money we're talking about, hiring a courier to handcuff the money to their wrist and fly across the world wouldn't be an excessive cost. The primary downside is the same; there's a known location where the money will be left and picked up. Then why are ransomware operators getting paid in Bitcoin? It's not impossible to use the regular banking system for crime. But it's a lot harder, and a lot easier to get caught.

A cartel in Mexico with an annual income in billions might be able to bribe or threaten the right people, but some techie running a small call center is going to have a harder time. They might have enough knowledge to use other currencies as intermediaries. I think the OP means criminals in general and not ones with a bit more knowledge. Borgz 11 months ago root parent prev next [—]. Do you have a source for that claim?

I agree, but think there's still ways to remain truly anonymous if you have the technical ability. Why do you think ransomware groups always accept bitcoin? These things are not hard to do. The person who used Coinbase was either lazy or ignorant. But what if he merely sent the Bitcoin from Coinbase to another wallet first - say a brain wallet he knows in his head - and then transfered the Bitcoins to the hitman? Wouldn't that be enough for him to be able to say "no i just bought some weed sorry, jail me for a month.

I suspect there are few real-world examples where "you could just say X" actually works Who would believe that story? How does prosecution prove the payment was connected to the hitman and not the weed? Seems like they'd need to seize the hitman's digital communications, at which point the jig is probably already up.

DennisP 11 months ago root parent next [—]. It's "beyond a reasonable doubt," not "beyond all doubt. A grand jury must look through the evidence and conclude that there is enough there to possibly result in a conviction.

Being actually innocent isn't enough to protect you from the FBI, so no, any suspicious trail at all is too much. Once you're a person of interest, any of the many possible opsec failures is enough to build a case. And for attempted murder, the spouse is usually a person of interest. Yes you can do it with any money. What's your point? Use Monero. Monero is not completely untraceable either.

Almost the entire comments mix "crypto" with Bitcoin or "all cryptos are the same" which is factually false. Please explain how different it is in comparison, the thread is flooded with baseless claims. This is analogous to placing your money under the bed vs. Can you elaborate? I know very little about Monero. LanternLight83 11 months ago root parent next [—]. Well, I can't speak for why it might be tracable, but can conversely testify that it has dedicated mechanisms for obfuscating and confusing transaction details such as who sent money, who received it, and how much was transferred- mechanisms which are used by default for every transaction, not just for "private" transactions, creating a cloudy swarm of activity in which you can only really tell that "transactions are happening" without access to or the intense brute-force effort of obtaining one of the several private keys involved in any given action.

There are companies building sophisticated software to track the routing of shady payments through the blockchain wouldn't be surprised if Palantir does this. Eventually, crypto finds it way towards a tangible asset that can be tied to somebody and it's just a matter of a paper trail. That is the ultimate problem of Bitcoin that it is non-fungible, which means it's not a real currency if 1 BTC!

If you get paid in BTC you never know if you receive tainted coins and have them confiscated by exchange at the withdrawal attempt. Serious question, I thought BTC's only usefulness came from its usefulness in laundering money. Is this not true? Bitcoin's usefulness comes from being able to transact value without a centralized authority.

There are no gatekeepers to determine who can transact with whom, to assign value to a medium, or to take that value away. It is democratization of financial power. I mean pragmatically not abstractly. The main advantage is avoiding the traditional financial systems, as you note. One use of that is to launder money, as you note. Other uses include paying for illegal things drugs, child pornography, or in some countries run of the mill goods that are banned , or as a parking spot for money when your other options are even worse.

You can also use it to move currency around. I've heard that wealthy Chinese people use it as a vehicle to get money out of China, but I'm not terribly well-versed in that. Pragmatically, I can buy things online without having to give up my name and address. That's a win for me. Anyone can look at any transaction at any time with only a small amount of effort. I've heard that monero is a coin that can be used for laundering, but I've never looked into it so I can't say for sure.

I wouldn't say laundering money is its only utility, but the value of BTC is quite likely a reflection of the economic value of illicit activity or black-market savings, if you prefer. Given how relatively difficult BTC is to use for the average person, it's the simplest explanation per Occam's razor for why it's worth so much in aggregate. Think about it: If you were a criminal, would you rather keep your cash under a proverbial mattress like in the old days, or in properties that could be seized by the local government?

It claimed that a growing prevalence of younger, more inexperienced hitmen are lowering the cost of contract killings across the region. The use of dark web sites to advertise the services of killers-for-hire is nothing new, but arrests are few and far between. However, that plot was uncovered after the individual had already been arrested and charged with other offenses.

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Platform BNB Chain. Here are some other articles that you may be interested in: What Is a Crypto Faucet? What Are Privacy Coins? What Is Tokenomics? What Is Wrapped Bitcoin? What Is Polygon?

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The shutting down of Silk Road may have impacted the value of Bitcoin momentarily, but it is here to stay and help facilitate cybercrime.

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