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are bitcoinbillionaire bitcoin cryptocurrency bitcoinmining btc bitcoins blockchain ethereum forextrader money forexprofit daytrader and bitkingdom. bitkingdom is a membership website where participants can exchange financial aid. we're a decentralised community for financial assistance that uses the. BitKingdom solicits investment in bitcoin on the promise of a % ROI after 20 days. BitKingdom affiliates are capped at having 20 BTC . BTC SPINNER BITCOIN

The app is listed on our website since and was downloaded 83 times. We have already checked if the download link is safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded app with your antivirus. This will redirect you to Google Play. Tap on the Install button located below the search bar and to the right of the app icon.

Click on Accept to continue the process. Once the download completes, the installation will start and you'll get a notification after the installation is finished. Fix bugs,Click back button to previous page,Double click back button to exit app,Clear cache when clicked refresh button,Selfie with BitKingdom Logo when clicked "BitKingdom" logo,Supported new webpage tab.

Description Details Versions. Publisher Description. The latest version is 1. See below the changes in each version:. Embed Size px x x x x What is Bitcoins? Revolutionary: Transactions allow for anonymity and are almost instantaneous.

Global: Bitcoins are borderless currency and can be used anywhere. Digital: Bitcoins cannot be printed or physically made. They must be generated through computerized methods. Decentralized: Bitcoins are not regulated by any government or banking institution. Bitcoin Bitcoin is an digital currency introduced in by pseudonymous developer "Satoshi Nakamoto". That can be exchanged for goods and services www. The production rate halves : 10min 50btc : 10min 25btc : 10min IDEA www.

This way, Bitcoin wallets can calculate their spendable balance and new transactions can be verified to be spending bitcoins that are actually owned by the spender.. What is Blockhain? There got many types of wallet Range from hardware to software which install on pc and smartphone Block.

No counterfeits Every single transaction have confirmation from the community Use of QR Code QR code also can be used as alternative for address Use unique Address Each user get 34 character combination as their address. What is BitKingdom and BK wallet?? We optimized the distribution of financial aid among participants through our ground breaking algorithm. The community are the people, and we are the community.

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Also avoid any site associated with the fakers Tifiya Group s. They have much less trouble with the law that way. This is a fraud, and you will not be able to withdraw your funds. You send funds. Then you send more funds to attempt to retrieve the first funds.

Ad nauseum until you have no more funds. Easier to just not go here. These comedians even offer to remote control your computer if you are struggling to lose your life savings to them. Don't send any funds or information to this incredibly dodgy operation.

Working in league with system scams to defraud people. All hyips are frauds, and just because there are a lot of them, it doesn't change that. A single scammer can have sites! Not an Exchange, not Trading, and not a place to send your funds.

It is pyramid shaped. In the meantime, the bots are off playing online poker! Anyway, it's a fraud. Bitcoin cannot multiply or earn silly interest. A ponzi, that is broken up into 3x3 matrixes, still has the same number of participants losers , and will fail equally fast.

Still just fraud. Not a very deep and devious fraud, but this is Why do you cling to the forlorn hope that you will be a winner? Just so you know for the future, a UK Ltd Company means nothing. This is a hyip fraud btw. Robots, my arse! Anything with coin, or inv, or bit seems to be acceptable. Here's one more.

You lose everything. The reality is that this is some creep with a plan to rob you. Work that sucker to death. Just read it for yourself, it makes no sense? But at least they are after fiat, but using a bitcoin theme. Don't be daft enough to put this crap on your computer. Fake logs, lies everything to try to steal from you. Why would you? It has stopped paying, and it looks like the host has done a runner.

Every bitcoin ponzi ends with the admin running for the hills with all the bitcoin! Of course they don't multiply it, they just keep it. Lets spoil that plan. Don't make me laugh. Hosted on AWS, how professional. It's another completely bogus mining fraud. Another scam with a mining theme.

Where do these morons come up with this stuff? These sites just steal from you. They may as well claim to give you a million percent after a minute, either way it isn't going to fkn happen. Don't waste your time clicking in this PTC We sought it, and the truth is, this is a scam. Playing gamers instead of the other way around. We've given Sherlock the night off. You don't have to believe us, but with over scams listed, all investigated by us, perhaps you should.

This isn't real. Who are you sending it to? We can't answer that. The illiteracy on this scam site has achieved a new low! You'll realise just how clever when you eventually realise your funds, and the ones you sent after them, are lost! Don't use it, don't trust it, or any site like it.

Stupid people can send it to thieves though. Of course it's a scam. You will get robbed. Don't believe us? Try it and find out the hard way. You do know this is just a simple fraud don't you? You will see this tired fraud on many domains. It's a scam after your dosh in any demonination. UK Company, generic script - this fraud has everything, except a decent title. It should read Assured Scammers.

Dream on suckers. This goes to show that there are traps out there for almost every cryptocurrency and token. Be careful! Hyip's are all frauds, there are no exceptions ever. How dumb do these fraudsters think you are? Of course they won't, but they will keep any that you send. There are fewer suckers than ponzi's to steal from them now. In fact, the more ponzi's the better.

None of you will get a return. All parts of the same scam. All places to lose. It is just another faker trying to steal a pot of bitcoin. With numbers that just don't stack up, and still no evidence of real mining, this is a fake service to be avoided.

This is of course, a fraudsite. They should at least try! Don't believe a word this hyip fraud says, and you'll be ok. Don't be so dumb as to enter your details. Don't go close to this fraudster and his webpage. It is just a hyip scam. Any questions? Read on, and you enter Cloud Cuckoo Land!

Another lame hyip scam. Somebody has put up a new doubler fraud. This is not a genuine company launch, it is a 'forced matrix ponzi' nothing more. Acquire and steal mean pretty much the same thing, and it is their full intention, to acquire your bitcoin. Otherwise, take our advice - If a site is in our list of badsites, it is a badsite. Ahh, Cocoa and Slippers stuff.

If it has FX in the site title, and offers non-refundable payment methods, then it is probably a fraud, like this is. Just a snake oil salesman. In this case, it's just not worth logging in. Blatant Ponzi Scams written by illiterates. These are mass produced frauds, and most use a very similar format. Can I stop now you've scammed me?

Watch out for this Shapeshift phishing scam to reappear elsewhere soon. This is stupidity squared. These adpack scams have been around since the dawn of the Internet. This is another 'revshare' deception. Don't waste your time, you are advertising shit to other suckers like yourself. Now in our badlist where all ponzi's should be. If it says Revshare, it will hit the Ponzi Wall one day. Just a hyip scam, and the bitcoin mining is fake as well.

We are getting sick of mining themed ponzi schemes. They use the excuse that it is a 3rd party exchange to try and screw even more from the victims. Currently the fake exchange is convolution. Up to you whose advice you take - the good guys, or this bad guy. You aren't, it's just a ponzi set up. Aero are nice choccy bars, but terrible bitcoin investments.

Just don't. Yet another hyip scam, this time with Maltese bogus credentials, which whilst worthless, makes a nice change from the usual UK Ltd Company bogus credentials. Drearily predictable. Thieves have little imagination. All frauds. Can't help thinking that this fraud title lost a little something in the translation. Learn from it, and just don't do it again.

They just 'cry wolf' with this scam. Total fraud. You have more intelligence than this, don't you? Nah - Just a hyip scam. Don't give them your seed phrase, or any other info, they just want to steal all your bitcoin. We hope to see the final episode very soon. Ponzi's aren't illegal where this scam comes from, that's why it is still alive, 2 years on, despite stealing millions! Seemingly, it will always represent a fraud. Well known dodgy origins for this ponzi fraud. This is another scummy scam.

At least that is the truth. Bots, my arse! Just a hyip in a miner suit. These are not real. Your bitcoin will get pissed up against a wall. The payout stats are always faked. What is that even supposed to mean? Peak lunacy from this ludicrous ponzi fraud?

At least learn your subject you halfwit! This year looks like Algo will be the tagline for some hyip scammers at least. This is a hyip fraud. Since we've now investigated this anyway, we will add it to our badlist, though it isn't aimed directly at bitcoin. Well, we just don't know who to believe.

Can you spot ten deliberate differences between these two fraud domains? We can't either. Scammer Dum, and Scammer Dee. There really is no such thing as a Free Lunch. This isn't all bullish, it's all bullshit.

A hyip scam. Allcoins deposited are stolen by the site. No discrimination at least Every hyip is set up to steal. They are not Investment Platforms. They aren't after Cryptocurrency right now, but no doubt they will progress to it. All you send, will end up in hash yes that kind and these dropouts can get high on your hard work.

Fakery and just fishing for fools. Every link takes you to a scam. Do your homework before you ever send bitcoin. Don't get suckered. You will certainly lose, but the author gains in commissions from the places where you open accounts. One for the Feds. There is no free lunch to be had at this fraudsite.

They don't stop with the first fees, they try for more and more. And yes, they are anonymous, you won't find them. They will not do what they say in their lies to you, they simply wish to rob you. Zero shits given. It is blatantly fake. Follow aantonop on Twitter, and watch a couple of his videos, and learn the basics of bitcoin.

All a little silly really. I have Certificates too, but mine are real. Your choice, but we do already have at least one bad report about this new site, that claims to have been around since Thats what we call globalism. You send coins, you get bullshit back. It's much cheaper at your local Garden Center.

These fraudsters eh! Just a total fraud. They tell you you have funds, and then the fake exchange will tell you the same, but you have to send a fee to withdraw it. Do you get it yet? Just another hyip scammer. Just a scammer.

Your dumb greedy brain says throw your money into this, whereas your good brain says don't be a sucker! We want these crooks to fail. Altswap Also Mineco, Iluveunc, Firemine. These scams are associated with one serial scammer. Don't give these people your money The World does not need another hyip fraud.

Stop being stupid and thinking there is something plausible to these common frauds. This is a Telegram Scam in Can you spot the subtle difference? It's a ponzi. You need to understand, hyips are not run by businessmen, they are run by thieves.

If they weren't doing this, they would be climbing through your back window! It is however, merely another little shit with a webpage. Ah well. This is fake mining by the way. Just a fake investment fraud. It is very well constructed, and they have tried to cover all the bases, and make it look professional, but it's a Ponzi however well it's painted. That name change will probably continue, until the Police actually lock these scoundrels up! Heaven knows what kind of fool gets sucked into something like this.

Learn about it before you send it anywhere. Better still, just keep it safe and don't send it. Oh no no no. If you are tempted by pictures of shiny expensive toys, then for sure, you will get suckered by scams like this, on a regular basis.

This is what a modern, internet connected mugger looks like. Just put up a page of lies - people GIVE you bitcoin. Contact your local police when you are defrauded online, let's keep them busy! Don't send any funds of any description here, you will lose them all.

So anonymous, they don't even know each other, or how to trade! Just lies like so many of these sites. Everybody loses, what part of that don't you get? Don't go there, and check your PC with Malwarebytes Free, every so often. We would advise you to look elsewhere if you want your funds to be safe and earning.

Have you considered buying Bitcoin? Simply avoid this. Don't be a mug. It is a bit of a giveaway, it isn't real mining, just another hyip scam. Actually, no, just another hyip fraud. You are sending bitcoin straight to a thief. Another fake supplier. Total bullshit designed to catch naive newbies. If you get suckered by this, you really should consider staying off the internet. You should only buy Antminers direct from Bitmain, and you shouldn't really do that either.

This is definitely just a fraudsite, and has nothing to do with the real Bitmain. The numbers aren't real, and there is a fake exchange in the middle, that also belongs to this scammer, currently btc-change. If this Robot was real, it would be shouting Danger, danger Will Robinson! Anybody can put up a webpage. All parts of this multi faceted scam. Oh ffs Nobody would fall for this - especially not you clever bitcoin folk!

This is certainly a fraud. No, not really, but we do like to have fun with the titles of these seemingly endless, bitcoin mining themed hyip frauds. Also, it is slightly more believable. Does it matter? That's what most hyip scammers, like these do. This is offering fake mining btw.

This is ridiculous. We can assure you that this deceiving little venture will get a few. Consider yourself scammed. Discord scammers set these fake exchange advance fee scams up almost daily. Set up just to scam you, and a clone of NXT. Thanks to a contributor for some homework. Don't invest, these hyips are simple thieves. Whoever it is, it isn't apple. Be wary. Don't be tempted by this fake store.

It is a longstanding domain, but is now just hosting a scam. This domain is being used to send phishing emails purporting to be Banco Popular Dominicano, the real domain for the Bank is Popularenlinea. However much that would cost, this scam could cost you much more. How cool is that? Welcome to the twilight zone. Perhaps it's an early April Fools joke? Anyway, it's a ponzi for sure.

This scammer must feel that Arab's are inherently trustworthy! Keep searching Abdullah! A website can say anything - unless you verify it, it isn't necessarily true. Black is Blue. You don't believe that, but it's on the Internet? However, never give a vest wearing Arab any bitcoin, he will steal it and buy AirCon. Just a ponzi, don't believe a word they tell you. If you know different, apart from the tight groups we already know about, then please tell us?

Landlord say his rent is late, 'cause it got stolen by arb-i-rate, but don't worry, be happy. It's a ponzi, and if you get suckered into it, you will become just another victim. Of course it is. Just a thief. Put some effort in please you wannabe thieves, this is too easy. Don't be so naive - but they have a bot??

Yeah, so does Futurama. They all steal. This is once more often. These ponzi fraudsters use any cover story for profit, that they think you may fall for. This, like all these hyip frauds, is just code, and whatever lies they want to write. There is another more famous Arcadia, also run by a cheap crook. Hyip's are set up to steal, they are not legitimate in any way. Simply send bitcoin, and wait, and keep waiting, and The mother of all bollocks!

This is a bog standard hyip fraudster, don't believe a word of it. This is what we call 'Fake Mining' it has nothing to do with bitcoin, beyond stealing it from you. What a dreadful and half arsed attempt at crypto fraud. Please don't become a victim of this naive scammer. They must all pirate each others templates. Stay away, it's a scam. If this fraudster gets you, then you need to get some sleep.

Artdotcoin A ficticious coin for the ponzi scam, mlm-matrix5x3. Find another career, your scams are pathetic. You may not wish to risk this blatant fraud. This site should carry a health warning. It isn't an investment, it is a thief. This is one of them. Just a scam like most of these. They tell you they can double your coins, you send bitcoin, they keep it. Those payout logs are always faked.

You are your own Bitcoin Bank. It can double in value, not amount. All hyips steal from the majority of depositors. Nothing is guaranteed, it is just a scam. Do your research, and if in doubt, ask us first. Just don't take any chances when it comes to suppliers. The scam is that they try to get you to send a withdrawal fee, which is what they steal.

What would be a ponzi, but with bad intentions. This is a freehosted fraudsite sending out a lot of spam mail about asic hardware. It's all fakery, avoid this place. Another scammer. The primary red flag for you to watch out for, is Free Shipping. You can never get free shipping from any genuine supplier, the few genuine suppliers are currently sold out months in advance. Asic-Con-Miner alright.

Pretty basic stuff, but hey it makes our investigative work a little easier. It is just a scam though. Whatever you do, don't send anything to this half arsed ponzi with a mining theme. All hyips leave a trail of victims. If they leave bitcoin alone - we will leave them alone. You won't get any of it back. A proper Old-School hyip scam!

Put up a webpage of lies, and some will send their money. Cloudmining is a very small world. Don't let it fool you! With domains this blatantly fake though, you don't need us to tell you it's a fraud. Most aren't this obvious. Stay clear. The suffix. Fuck these thieves. Think "Titanic" ATM's are heavy, and this site is lying about everything else too! Don't do it, you'll be happier. Just to add, it isn't a UK company, it's russian.

Listen, if they turn up at your door, on their knees and offer you their fkn First Born, just don't send anything to this ponzi scam. Just fraud. This is just a piss poor ponzi fraudster. For those of you not so informed, this is a scam site. A major mistake on the main title is shoddy even by scammer standards! Bots are a modern myth. That is why we are here, because it isn't this easy.

This is just a fraudster. Breathe a sigh of relief Then you wake up, and find it was just a dream, and you've actually given your bitcoin to a thief. No free lunch here, sorry. Behind the facade is a simple ponzi scam. If you fall for this after all our warnings, you really are a proper mug. Horrible use of Java as ever. Don't be a mug, don't send bitcoin to this thief! You will simply lose bitcoin. You will lose your btc to this scamsite. You will lose funds.

It is the very definition of a Ponzi Scheme, and just like every other Ponzi Scheme, will leave you fucked. This is just a hyip-ponzi-scam. Oh ffs, it's the same site! Identical scam on two domains. Take your pick. This fraudster must have got a few domains cheap. This is a fairly big scam, and has a few other funnel domains leading to it. A big ponzi. No - just 'A Vast' amount of deceipt, fantasy and with this listing - hopelessness from this wannabe thief.

No if's, but's, or maybe's, it's a fraud. You shouldn't need us to tell you this in future. Don't send any money or Btc to these crooks. You will lose your deposit. Please don't risk loading this scamware. Just shysters, out to steal your funds. Same scam though, not real mining, just a ponzi fraudster. These idiots don't mine for real. It's just a very well produced Hyip Fraud. Track this fraudster down please people. This is another example.

We hate these, there are thousands of them. It's as obvious a scam as you will ever see, so if this fools you, you have tough times ahead. Try and learn from it. Anything you send, is lost to the scammer behind the fake giveaway. Faked logs, faked stats and lies. Why would anybody really double your money? It's a ponzi of sorts, but come on - if you fall for this, just unplug your computer and give up.

Complete bollocks. B2G And every site associated with it. An entire scam ecosystem. You don't have to take our word for it, but you don't have to send it here, and find out the hard way either! This is a ponzi in its purest form. Don't give your details to strangers, you might bump into yourself one day!

Please report sites like this to us, we can't find them all on our own. Please don't get sucked into this fake offering, and if you have given financial details, then change them asap. Don't waste your time here. A total scam nonetheless. This is the Coinecux Scam, where you are groomed on social media. Don't send any funds ok. This is like a real Bank, it will steal your deposit!

Altcoins are easier to steal. This is blatant fraud. If it does make sense, try changing your drugs! Either way, don't be dumb and send funds. Don't waste your time, don't send funds, you cannot withdraw. Typical fake Exchange. It is a blatant ponzi. Always just thieves. Nobody should fall for this. Ponzi code runs the show, then the author will bugger off with the whole lot at peak sum, never to be seen again, until their next scam.

A basic hyip ponzi, that will basically fail in days, and basically keep all your deposit. There is nothing behind this, and every other always profitable bot offer, but a ponzi scam. It's just another scamsite. You send bitcoin, they keep it.

A nice simple plan to relieve you of your burdensome bitcoin. They do make it easy for you to lose bitcoin. They can't multiply coins, they can steal them though. Don't even go close to this scam. Fooled Google though, their Adsense push this site. Please don't fall victim to this fake, shitcoin fraud. This is a scam as well. It really is pointless. Not ever. It is the key to your wallet, and you will lose the contents in seconds. What could possibly go wrong. All this is, is another attempt to relieve you of your funds.

Not your keys, not your coins. If you give your mnemonic seed phrase to someone else, they have all your cryptocurrency, and you don't. Don't give them to these people. Both of these sites now have your keys if you've used them, so move funds to a fresh wallet while you still have funds! Just some more hyip thievery. We don't really cover bitcoin cash, as it isn't bitcoin, but we hate thieves more than bch. They will keep your bitcoin - You don't have the private key!

For an online wallet use Blockchain. You don't truly believe a lie as obvious as that do you? Bitcoin cannot multiply and cannot be cloned. Don't let it be you. If you're gonna have a free site, why not make it a Ponzi? Because you'll be in trouble, that's why! Don't send a bean to beamcoin, it will be an ex bean. There hasn't been any profit in Beams for years now! It's a shit hyip fraud. You weren't convinced though, we hope!

If it reappears, you have been warned. You know bitcoin cannot double. Have scammers never heard of The Wayback Machine, or us? Also, some reports of phishing Coinbase logins. Bitcoin doesn't double, please get that message. Don't go full retard and actually believe this scam.

If you fall for this, you are beyond help. This is a scammer using the Bemine name to scam you. There are a lot of thieves too. Err, no. Ad scams are very common. You advertise to other suckers, as do they. It is a fake vendor. A nice way to phish all your financial credentials though! None is real, and all are scams. The only way to createe bitcoin is with very expensive mining technology.

The cheek to call this daylight robbery, a service! Just another scammer. These system scams are just out to rob you. This was the Best-earning. Fraudsters are thick. You won't get it back from these crooks. You think you have somehow 'generated' bitcoin, but you can't have it unless you send a transfer fee first.

If you can't spot the scam yet, then stay off the Internet. Imagine the worst? It should be used as a fraud training aid! Bitcoin doesn't double - if you send it you lose it. You can lose all your alts too! Don't send any fees for cashing out these fake funds, that is where they sting you. It's still just a wannabe thief. Go on, if you don't believe that these sites are frauds, reload the site, and look at those payout timers restart.

This is just a thieving dirtbag. Well, it isn't an investment, it is a hyip. These are set up to tempt you with fruity loop offers, but if you send funds, or friends, you lose them. It isn't a job. It is fake mining. Just to add, not even a nice try. I despair. This is another Ponzi fraud.

They sell SSL but don't even use it on their own logins? Don't take the risk. If you send bitcoin to a 'doubler' then you are a fool, and you and your bitcoin will soon be parted! Whatever the theme, a hyip is just a thief with a website. This is just a crappy Sportsbet themed Ponzi Bollocks is what we have to say to that. Just a hyip scam. It's just another twist from the hyip scammers.

Nothing to do with betting, except putting your money on a loser. This is a hyip scam. Suffice to say, that payout log is utter bullshit. Never get suckered by a hyip scam, these are blatant fraud. All parts of this multi-faceted fraud. More to come we don't doubt Give this scamsite a very wide berth. Although this site is utterly crap, and probably won't fool many people, don't be fooled please.

You will be recruited to this scam via social media. Tell them where to go. There isn't such a thing as an honest hyip, just how naive are you? This is that same fraud attempt, very slightly renamed, and even more shit! You send bitcoin, and if you don't lose it the first time, you will the next. The sad reality is, if you sent them to this fraud, then you have Nobits. Money for nothing is a myth, a lie, or a scam. A typical hyip fraud. Shiny and full of bs.

That's what they tell you. The reality is that you will lose your friends, your funds and your self esteem if you get suckered into this ponzi. Don't be involved when the wheels inevitably fall off! Bitcoin mining will not yield those returns, this is simply a hyip scam. Another reason not to send funds to this thief. Here is one example. The good news is, the Police will catch this scummier than usual fraudster.

Never believe someone you just met on The Internet, they could be a hyip fraudster like this pondlife. This is nothing to do with Binance, and is just another thief. Maybe worth taking a look before it goes down so you know what to expect. You will have coins to withdraw, but you have to send the advance fee to get them. Invite Your Friends. Sent Pins. Delete Pin. Info Board. Secret Boards. Helpful Hints. Projects To Try. True Identity. Juventus Logo. Used Solar Panels. Investment Tips.

Investment Property. Home Warranty. Real Estate Investor. Real Estate Tips. Diy Solar. Solar Energy. Renewable Energy. Love Your Sister. Reward Chart Kids. Plus Belle Citation. Best Rooftop Bars. Furry Comic. Charts For Kids. Northern Soul. Camping World. Creative Cv Template.

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