Places that accept bitcoin as payment

places that accept bitcoin as payment

Who Accepts Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies? · 1. Microsoft · 2. Wikipedia · 3. Paypal · 4. Starbucks · 5. AT&T · 6. Overstock · 7. Twitch · 8. Cryptocurrency is becoming much more than just a commodity to hold on to. Big companies like Microsoft and Starbucks are already accepting Bitcoin and other. Accepting Bitcoin Payments · Bitcoin (BTC) Wallets · BitPay Wallet · Copay Wallet · Wallet · Mycelium Wallet · Edge Wallet (Formerly Airbitz) · Bitcoin Core. BEST CRYPTOCURRENCY PROGRAM

Currently the leading and most popular digital currency, Bitcoin has become widely accepted as a legitimate source of funds by many companies. For example, topping up your Microsoft account using crypto is now possible.

Read on to discover who accepts Bitcoin as payment and which cryptocurrencies are the most popular today. While blockchain technology is still confusing for most people today, several large corporations in the United States are jumping on board. Bitcoin has progressed from an ambiguous virtual coin used by a minority of the population to a mode of payment and currency that millions of people assume to be the future monetary system.

The following are the top players who are accepting crypto as payment:. Apart from the possibility of using crypto to top up your Microsoft account, the software company also allows people to use the digital currency for other services.

You can use Bitcoin to pay for Xbox Live, Microsoft apps, games, and other digital content. Wikimedia, the company that runs it, uses BitPay as the payment platform. Apart from buying and selling cryptocurrency, Paypal customers in the United States can also use the digital currency at merchants accepting Paypal payments.

The third-party digital wallet application, Bakkt, can help you instantly convert your Bitcoin to dollars for use in its merchant partners — including Starbucks. Consumers who want to pay using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can choose BitPay when checking out. This well-known online retailer in the United States is the first major retailer to accept cryptocurrency by partnering with Coinbase.

Even before Paypal and Microsoft started accepting crypto as payment, Overstock was already way ahead of them. In , Twitch added crypto as one of its payment options. The home improvement retailer uses the Flexa digital payment system to accept Bitcoin without purchasing additional hardware. Flexa can instantly convert cryptocurrency to dollars, allowing consumers to experience seamless payments using Bitcoin.

Since , Namecheap has continuously accepted Bitcoin as payment for web hosting and domain name registration. Rakuten Wallet lets its users charge Rakuten Cash using cryptocurrency and accepts altcoins like Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Memberships sell for 2. Though few U. Starbucks customers can use digital assets like bitcoin as payment via Bakkt integration in the Starbucks app, Nicholas Sampogna, a spokesman for Starbucks, wrote in an email.

But crypto is precarious enough that the independent restaurants accepting it often put price caps on purchases due to market volatility and focus more on it potential benefits in the future. Ocean Blue, a restaurant and oyster bar in Utica, New York, which is fully cashless, only receives a few crypto transactions a month.

Owner Francis Pezzolanella said that accepting crypto has enabled the restaurant to reprioritize its time. At Golden Steer Steakhouse in Las Vegas, few customers have purchased a meal in crypto since they started accepting it in December , said managing partner Nick McMillan.

Yet he said it reminds him of the optimism surrounding the advent of the internet. Restaurant owners also find that it can be expensive to pay in crypto. Because restaurants accept very small payments of just a few dollars per order, sometimes transaction fees called gas fees can cost more than the price of a meal when paying in Ethereum, according to Scott Kominers, an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. These fees compensate crypto miners for energy required to verify transactions, similar to Uber surge pricing.

While he sees stable coin, which are cryptocurrencies pegged to an external asset like the U. Merrick Theobald, vice president for marketing at BitPay, said that more restaurants have adopted crypto payments because they are typically fast with next business day settlement and cost little in fees, opening up more potential sales for businesses. People who pay with crypto also are more favorable with tipping, he said. But high turnover and constantly training employees to take crypto payments may dissuade some restaurants, said Theobold.

Additionally, because BitPay is not integrated into point of sale systems, which allow businesses to accept payments and keep track of sales, some restaurants find crypto payment systems too confusing. The restaurant owners willing to take these risks tend to be younger owners who see crypto as part of the physical world, not just online. Some restaurants have embraced crypto beyond just payment to spread awareness about its abilities. Since the restaurant opened, a few dozen people have paid in crypto, including some in Dogecoin.

Varona, though, has helped people sign up for platforms like Coinbase or find courses to become more involved in the crypto world. Varona stated that in a perfect world, the restaurant would operate solely on crypto payments. The restaurant will soon get an ATM where diners can buy crypto with cash.

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