Pepe the frog bitcoin

pepe the frog bitcoin

A non-fungible token modelled on the mysterious Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto as Pepe The Frog has sold for $, (roughly Rs. on top of Bitcoin transactions. Among the most notable were NFTs centered around Pepe The Frog. I will leave dissecting the social aspect of Rare Pepes. In , it would have been hard to imagine that the cryptocurrency's blockchain could morph into a Disney Land for satirical amphibians. But now Pepe, a frog-. CAPITALIZATION OF CRYPTOCURRENCIES Pepe the frog bitcoin cryptocurrency with fastest transaction pepe the frog bitcoin

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Shop on eBay Opens in a new window or tab Brand New. Shipping not specified. Last one. Free returns. Stop caring motivational quote Opens in a new window or tab Brand New. They depict Pepe in all manner of memetic mashups and aesthetic forms. Many, but not all, look like trading cards. Pepe as the Pope on the cover of Time. Warhol Pepe. Kardashian Pepe. Run-DMC Pepe. The Pepe Sistine Chapel. And on and on and on. The absurdity of this project is not lost on its participants.

That allows for a more reliable accounting of who really owns digital art. Each Rare Pepe carries a finite number of digital tokens, and these tokens are what you really buy or sell when you buy a Rare Pepe. This is the same technology that drives cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and, in fact, the Rare Pepe tokens live on the Bitcoin blockchain, making the frog meme tokens as provably rare and as secure as Bitcoin itself.

Rare Pepes are even purchased with a cryptocurrency named after the frog — Pepe Cash — a unit of which is, as of Monday afternoon, trading for about 5 cents. Pepe Cash, which has been around since , is, itself, a Rare Pepe — though there are ,, units of Pepe Cash in circulation. So why in the world would anyone buy a Rare Pepe? After all, the only thing you really own when you buy a Rare Pepe is a digital token; the images themselves are freely available and infinitely reproducible.

You can copy them, paste them, email them or tweet them for nothing. So why part with your hard-earned Pepe Cash? Regardless of what the cartoon comes to mean in the coming years, the internet is and likely always will be rife with references to the racist Pepe, the Nazi Pepe, and the Pepe lapel decorations of cold-cocked white supremacists.

I recently found them on Telegram, a messaging app and favorite hangout of the crypto set. I was lurking in a channel called Rare Pepe Blockchain Trading, which at the time had more than 1, participants, and I had private chats with about 20 members of the Rare Pepe community. I asked them about what they thought they were creating — and its politics.

Indeed, most in the Rare Pepe community see the frog as the future of art and art commerce. Kek, of course, is the Egyptian god of darkness of whom Pepe is said to be a present-day avatar. Anyone can create a Rare Pepe, which means that anything can be submitted as a Rare Pepe. There is an entire series of Putin-themed Pepes.

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Where Did Crypto Pepe Come From (A Brief History of Pepe the Frog)

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